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Jul 3, 2010

Inhale. Smile. Run. ~ Bonus Add-ons

One of the things I like about running is the aroma; not what you're thinking! After the initial mental ricochet of the first "point two five" I am often in deep thought when I catch it. "It" being the fragrance of jasmine and magnolias in bloom ~ the grace notes of my run.

I inhale. I smile. I run on hoping that before another "point two five" I'll...(go here for the rest of the story.)

Bonus Add~ons

It's a thrift store find...4 grapefruit bowls for $2.

Homer Laughlin...maker of Fiesta Ware and made in the U.S.A.

Birthday Daisies do double duty. From white on turquoise step stool to patriotic table!
 More turquoise ~ Thrift store find ~ Ann Taylor linen skirt for $2.50...still had the original tag on it w/a price of $99. (I was having a very bad, no good "hair" day. Thus the cropped head!)

So I went to the mall this morning (July 3) and it is amazing how organized and non-odorous it is! I had forgotten since I have done the majority of my shopping at thrift stores as of late.
However, I got a very nice postcard last week from  the Helzberg Diamond store. The postcard entitled me to a free bracelet.

And my birthday fun just continues on...
Maybe there are balloons in my future for next week!
It could happen.

So since I was picking up my bracelet, (Did I mention it was FREE?) and since my daughter and I HEART in a mighty BIG way the Soma Intimates store, I felt led to pop in. Actually, Audra said, "Oh I love this place! Let's go in!"
And I'm thinking, "Oh I love this place, too, but they don't have thrift store prices!"
However they did have some unmentionables on sale for $12.99.

And really...I will not be buying unmentionables at the thrift store. Ya know what I mean, Verna?
Soma employee, Mary~ a very lovely woman with a stylin' haircut, helped a girl out. I did not say "girls" because I will not mention such things on a blog that may be read by those who are not of the female persuasion, but I think you will be uplifted to know I purchased a new home for some "girls" today.
After my purchase Mary gave me a card.

Mary mentioned she walks and swims and I mentioned I have a new blog called See My Mom Run! and that she might be interested in reading it. And then I handed Mary my new "businessy" cards from Vistaprints (250 free but you pay for shipping).

There you go! Bonus add~ons because I am sleep deprived and my mind is racing like Eight Belles in the Kentucky Derby.
And tonight I will run the midnight 10k race. So when you roll over in your bed around 1 a.m. tomorrow morning, I should be between miles 5 and 6. Give me a "thumbs up." For Andrew.

I have more fun things to share...check back soon!
In the meantime, Happy Independance Day!
And watch this. I enjoyed it. I think you will, too.


  1. I'll do my thumbs up before bed, just in case - but if I wake up like I have been lately I'll be thinking of you and Andrew.

    And I love your little add-ons... I don't think I would buy my intimates at the thrift store, either ;-p

  2. You are just precious! I agree with the first comment...I'll give you the thumbs up before I fall asleep!! Have fun sweet friend!! I will be praying for you.
    **I collect the fiesta ware...love what you found! And the Ann T. skirt too!! Great job!:)

  3. Two thumbs here, for both you and Andrew. Run strong, run fast, run far dear sista!

    No thrifty unmentionables! That would be too.....you know.

  4. What a Grand Day and week you have had! Serious SCORE on the Skirt my friend! :) Love those bowls too :) Glad you had fun shoppin @ the mall w/your girl! FREE JEWELRY!!!! awesomeness indeed!

    Have a blessed 4th ~ you truly are ringing it in at the stroke of midnight! Happy Running!! :) I will most likely think of you as I wake up to potty LOL I know, TMI!! Oh well.... ;)

    Love and Hugs!

  5. looks to me you had a grand ol day! good luck with running tonight!

    thanks for stopping by my blog! if you would like to discuss my vintage fabric for seamstress work trade dealio...do email me at ladaehling@gmail.com and we can hash it out! thanks!

  6. Hoping the run went well. Thanks for your prayers and your heart. But I won't tell Lady you said she is a cute pup. She thinks WAY too highly of herself already...

  7. Melanie, LOVE YOU! Just popped by to say HI!!!

    call me soon!!!!!!!! HUGS from Kentucky!

  8. One more thing, I LOVE, LOVE THRIFT STORES TOO! Wouldn't it be fun to shop together! Need to add that to our list of things to do!! :) We need to really talk soon! :) Are you going to She Speaks by any chance?!?!? :)

  9. Melanie,
    So you have me Thrift store shopping girl. It may be a new fav....just sayin' =)

    I'm not finding any $2.50 values yet, but I'm new at this. I shall continue.

    So happy you are running. Going to check out your new blog right now.

    Love you sweet one,

  10. Melanie, I love the way you write. I am just smiling while reading about you and your daughter and the unmentionables (I do think it's best to buy those new). You've found some great bargains at the thrift store. Don't you love it when you find something with the tag still on it? What was that person thinking when they bought something and never wore it (maybe that they were going to lose weight?). laurie

  11. I so enjoy your blog!....and your children are all so lovely!Especially loved the pic of Andrew you shared today.....blessings....

  12. My roots [heritage] came out here in your post. My mother [now 90] and her mother and father were born in Budapest, Hungary. Seeing this brought back fond memories of my grandmother.

    Love the 'thrift store' finds too! So much fun to shop there!

    Blessings, Stephanie

  13. Well, honestly I don't do thrift stores. But I love shopping the mall for bargins on clearance racks.

    I had to laugh, Melanie. You mentioned you got new business cards, but the photo above is the Soma card with the girl with the....girls. And I laughed to myself and thought, wonder if anyone thought that was Mel's new business cards. HAHAHAHA!

    Have a wonderful run - 2 thumbs up for you & for Andrew.

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