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Jul 27, 2010

Far Out and Groovy MakeOver

Last week I was on my 3rd mile of my daily 5k when I saw it.

And I may have heard Earth, Wind and Fire's "Got To Get You Into My Life."


On my last few bites of supper, I told One Fine Man about the "far out" 70's stereo cabinet.

To my surprise, he thought going back for a look at it was a groovy idea!

Already in my gown, I took my last two bites with me and stuck my feet into a stray pair of flip flops hanging out at the front door.

As we backed out of our driveway, I think I heard the refrains of
"Take A Chance On Me" from around the corner and up the street!

Yes! It was still there!


We jumped out for a closer look at the stereo. One Fine Man eyed it and ran a hand alongside it, then lifted the lid to see these four letters on a piece of paper:


"If it's F R E E, it's goin' in our pad!"

I glanced at my man in the light of the moon and sighed. That's why I'm "Hopelessly Devoted To You."

Now here are the righteous after pictures.
(click on pics to enlarge)

A place for table runners and placemats...

Andrew's handprint...

My thrifted collection of Made in the USA dishes...Syracuse China and Homer Laughlin...

Wait, can you hear it? I think it's Anne Murray singing,
"You Needed Me."

One Fine Man did ALL the work. I just picked the paint color!

Thanks, Babe!

"You Make Me Feel Like Dancing"!


  1. ok now for SURE I know you are a girl after my heart!!

    That is absolutely fabulous!!!

    Actually... a good teaching example... He picks us up at the side of the road, and makes us into something beautiful!! :)

    You are a smart lady and I LOVE what you created here...



  2. I love it, especially that the dog likes its new bed, too! Perfect, and your songs to describe it took me back! :D


  3. Hi Melanie, you two are the dynamic duo! But with me, I would have had to drag him there and then do all the work myself! Glad you have such an enthusiastic man! Love all your groovy music, girl!!

  4. Look at you!! That turned out fantastic. The previous owners would be so jealous to realize what they missed out on.

  5. Stuff like this always amazes me. How did you visualize that out of that? Unbelievable! Perfect. I am inspired.

  6. It's beautiful! You have such creativity. Congrats on your daily 5K - I had to run one on my treadmill the other day because the rain kept me and my friend away from a planned outdoor one. We figured better safe than sorry with the possible slipping on pavement:(

  7. I am completely amazed at how you two transformed that piece. And my favorite part is how great Teddy looks in it. (Or is he now "Chad?")

  8. Melanie, what a vision you had!! And One Fine Man carried out your vision beautifully! I love this transformation, and I smiled my way through all of the songs you heard in your head! Great post. laurie

  9. It looks gorgeous! I love that Teddy is cozy in it, too : )

  10. Great job by both of you....you for finding it and picking the color and Danny for doing such a good job of it. I love it.......:-) Hugs

  11. Very nice! Fine job, by your One Fine Man. Far Out, Righteous, and I Dig It! lol...

  12. Totally groovy babe, love it to the max.

  13. Amazing! Love the puppy house on one side. What a versatile piece...it holds placemats, napkins, and puppies :)

  14. You totally crack me up! I'm singing away with you!! Love it! And, my sister just inherited a similar piece of fine furniture almost idenitcal to yours! I will let her know aobut your post! Beautiful job, sweet friend!! (BTW, I have a lot of those albums in my attic just melting away...but I can't let go of them! I might need them one day!)

  15. WOW Melanie,
    Your husband did a really groovy job on that stereo cabinet. It is just beautiful!! And I LOVE the way you have decorated it, especially Andrew's handprint. priceless.

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed day, Dawn

  16. I feel like dancing when I look at these pics. Too, too gorgeous. I misspelled that "grogeous," and I just need to say it; it's "GRO-geous!"

    Teeth falling out is a common dream, like falling dreams. Sometimes, it's a bad things when dreams come true. I am now glued back together like Granny Clampett.

  17. I have a side table project that I need to finish. This post motivates me. But I still don't know what color to paint it. :) Decisions are hard for the indecisive.

    I love this makeover. There is always hidden beauty in old things.


  18. Yes ma'am -- that is one groovy makeover. You did such a great job - it's quite beautiful. Also very clever post :)

    Gwynh Rosser @ The Pink Tractor