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Jul 29, 2010

Thrifty Beach and Bible Study & Flashback Friday

From Beach To Wedding Thrift~Style!

Beach ~ I have never bought a swim suit from a thrift store until this summer.

The top looked new and was a $1.99. I bought the solid black bottoms at Marshalls for $10. For $12.99 I got a great suit!
Flip flops were a dollar at Old Navy. I used an internet coupon and was able to purchase up to 5 pairs of Flip Flops for a dollar each!

Do you ever have a challenge finding a cute skirt cover up for your swim suit? Try a tennis skirt! They usually come in solid colors and are a bit longer than swim suit skirts. This one was not thrifted but was a gift from a friend!

Women's Bible Study outfit ~

Skirt is from The Loft and cost $2.50 at my fave thrift store. It is lined and in perfect condition. It has a fine charcoal stripe.
The eyelet top appealed to me because the sleeves are unique. I think it may be a girl's top. It's sized as a "12." But I really don't think that is a ladies size. The brand is "Lime". I couldn't find anything online about the brand. It has a hidden side zipper. So cute! I wear it a lot.

More to come in my line up of Thrift store fashions
From Beach to Wedding!
Today I spent time in Orlando with a friend I have not seen in quite a while. We were in college together, in a touring choir together and roomed together our senior year.
In spending some up close and personal time with her today, I remembered why I always enjoyed our talks.
She is a gifted communicator. She is funny. She loves Jesus, her family and her friends.
And I was so glad I got myself together and made the drive to see her.
And I am so glad she valued me enough to set aside all other responsibilities to just "be" with me.
Thank you, friend. I love you. (And I HEART your children!)

"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Flashback Friday Meme Here.

Did your family attend church when you were growing up?
Yes, my dad was the pastor ~ we HAD to!

What are your earliest memories of church?
Sitting on the first row, right side because that's the side the organ was on and Mother played the organ. Once I was playing with my gum while Dad was preaching. I wasn't just chewing it, I was stringing it out of my mouth as far as I could without breaking it. Mid-preach, Dad called me out! I still remember how I felt. Hot cheeks and gum now planted firmly on the side of a molar. To this day, I feel like I'm sinning if I chew gum in church. (Just kidding.)

Did you attend VBS (Vacation Bible School) when you were young?
VBS was the highlight of my summer. Most of the time we were on a vacation visiting my Mamaw and extended family in MS. So it was always fun to go to VBS with my cousins at their church. Like Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee, I, too, remember the Kool-Aid. (That sounds bad.) Thanks, Jim Jones, for giving "Kool-aid" a bad rap. But I do remember the Kool-Aid because we never had Kool-Aid at home. We ALWAYS drank sweet tea for dinner and supper! Kool-Aid seemed "exotic." The drink the Kool Kids drank.

Sunday School?  'Gotta love flannel board lessons (I did.), knock-off oreos and watered down Kool-Aid for "snack time." I guess whoever provided that little snacky-snack was on a budget and didn't know how to use coupons to get the good stuff for cheaper than the knock-offs!
Other church activities?
Summer youth camp and camp meetings...Cute boys were there!
In 1973 I was voted "Miss Jr. Youth Camp."  I got a trophy. I still marvel at it, because how did that happen? Maybe it was the big bags of candy I bribed the other campers with!

Was faith a Sunday-only thing or did it impact your life and the things you did?
"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, All day Sunday, Ain't it grand to be a Christian, Ain't it GRAND!"

Seriously...I am so very GRATEFUL for my Christian heritage. I have been very blessed.


  1. You do have the best luck at thrift stores!

  2. You are the cutiest of all cuties sis, I love the deals you find.

  3. Such cute outfits. I have no luck at thrift stores.

    Loved your memories - I remember the flannelgraph stories too!

  4. Flannel board lessons....such a flashback moment - I loved them too:) And yes, Kool-Aid was the greatest!

  5. Love the red and black suit. Especially love the Emerson quote. Glad you had a good day with your friend.

  6. great finds! i'm a BIG thrifter, too! enjoyed!

  7. You are precious. I too love to find a beautiful bargain. And I really enjoyed your added info about you when you were young. :)

    Friends make my life so much brighter. Glad you had time with one of yours. Enjoy!

    I still pray for you. :)

  8. Found you through Mocha with Linda....my dad was the pastor too and oh, yes! I can remember being called down during preaching!! Embarrassing for sure!!!


  9. Hey Melanie, Just catching up a bit... I like doors too. Your good girl and my good girl are so closely related. I think that's why I loved you so much before we met in real life.

    Praying God will show you when to erect a wall and take refuge in its safety and when to saw a doorway and walk through it. Boundaries are a good thing.

    PS I've heard the same comments before...

    And, I dig the stereo cabinet and love the thrift store finds. My fav has been a brand new bathing suit with tags for under $5, I can't remember how much but it was a steal!

  10. Love the Thrift story 'buys'!

    Your memories triggered my own memories too! Fun post! Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings, Stephanie

  11. Love it! Thanks for sharing. By the way, Quirky Girl has moved on to a new blog. I needed a fresh start. My new blog address is http://jhferger.blogspot.com. I'd love for you to stop by!