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Jul 19, 2010

I Like Doors

I don't like to "mess up." But I do. Mess up.
Sometimes I talk too much. Sometimes I am not a good listener ~ especially if I am mid-thought and writing. And especially if what I am writing is coming together in a way that lets me know it might just be meaningful to someone besides me.
Later on when I realize I have talked too much or listened too little, I feel bad about that. I always intend to do better next time.

I am pretty good at tuning things out. My husband says I have a high tolerance for annoyances. Without my realizing it (at first), he tested it a couple of days ago. He was amazed. I wasn't. I have been honing that skill for years.
People are interesting. I think one can learn something from anyone. If you care to. Usually I care to.
But I do have my limits on that one. Right now...I have a limit on someone. And to be honest, I'm not quite sure what to do about it.

I used to get these odd, back-handed compliments? a lot.
They usually went like this:
"You know,  (choose either one here; I've heard it in various ways) I didn't like you or I hated you, or I thought you were so conceited when I first met you. But now I really like you!"

Wow. Thanks. I think. You certainly know how to edify.

It's been a while since I got one of those. But several months ago I got another variation on the theme.

A woman told me I had offended her. I apologized. It had not been my intention to offend.
And then the truth was told regarding the offense.
It went something like this:

You know, I used to be like you. But now I have all these issues in my life. I'm jealous of you. (not a verbatim quote)

Ahhhhhh....if you wait for it, you'll hear the truth.

'Probably not jealous now.

So I'm left with a decision to make. A course of action. I have put it off. You understand why, considering the circumstances of the past several months.
But this thing is a wall to me. And I don't like walls. I like doors.

(photos by Linda Charlene.)


  1. Praying for you sis concerning this, love you.

  2. Great post and much food for thought...Have a similar situation....

  3. I'm with you, give me a door any day! Walls just 'loom'... and having said that, I have no doubts that your wall will come down, somehow between you and God, it will probably become a door....

  4. Sometimes you just run up against them, dontcha? Sometimes building a wall is good. I'm with you, I prefer doors. Learning to build a wall was one of the hardest lessons I've ever had. But I'm a little happier for it.

    BTW...Did I miss your anniversary? I hope it was sweet.

  5. I don't like any walls......I like open, honest and sincere relationships. Ones that are built on a solid foundation of love and respect.....you will think this through and there is no doubt whatsoever that you will resolve this in a kind and loving way. I do hope you had a wonderful anniversay my friend,
    ......:-) Hugs

  6. I've never thought of these situations as walls and doors but it makes sense to me. I used to have a friend and we had been friends for a very long time. There came a day that I had to just walk away. I've always felt funny about it because doing something like that is very unlike me. I guess that was a door moment.

    As for acquaintances, I say avoid the person who makes you feel uneasy. There's probably not much to lose there. Is that a wall?

  7. Back again, I was thinking about the person who said she used to be like you but now she has issues...the truth about that is some people never stop to ask or wonder about your issues. Dont' you think? That's why they think you don't have any. (When I say we I'm referring to all of us.)

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