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Jul 9, 2010

The $100 Challenge and Thrifty Finds

Please scroll down a bit for the Frugal Fashionista linkup!

Syracuse China coffee cup ~ .49

Syracuse China is made in the USA since 1871.


Honey Banana Muffin with a schmear served on a Syracuse China saucer. I got 10 of these in mint condition for $1.50.
These muffins have no sugar and no artificial sweetener. They are dense and filling. They have honey and applesauce in them.

Two years ago I bought this end table for $20.

Orange is in my top 3 of favorite colors.
Tommy Hilfiger with attached price tag from Macy's. I paid $2.25.

White House Black Market bias cut dress for $9.00. It's so pretty on. I think my husband and I need a fancy shmancy date night!
Or maybe I could "casualize" it for Costa's Greek Restaurant. I just purchased a certificate from Groupon for Costa's.
Do you "Groupon?"

I went to the White House Black Market website and most of their dresses are over $100.

I'm linking this to Beauty and Bedlam's Frugal Fashionista post.

I started my $100 Challenge Thursday (7/8). I withdrew $100 cash from the bank and am challenging myself to make all weekly grocery, drugstore (CVS, Walgreens) and thrift store purchases for no more than $100 cash. Any $$$ left over goes into my FUNd account!
I'll let you know next Friday how my first week of the $100 Challenge went.

I plan to utilize my best bargain techniques including coupons, CVS extra care bucks, Walgreen register rewards, and delayed gratification. I believe one of the things that separates children from grownups is the ability to delay one's gratification.

If you are interested in your trying your own $100 Challenge, please let me know. Maybe you have more little ones or more big ones around your table and $100 is not feasible for you. Or maybe you are an empty nester and can make it a $75 challenge. I'd like to turn this into a weekly feature with check-ins for participants.
What do you think? Are you up for a challenge?

One last thing: Today I purchased a custom domain name from GoDaddy. My new url is TheBellaMella.com. When the change was made, one glitch with Blogger is that I lost all of my comments. In reading the Blogger forums, it seems this is a common occurence that eventually rectifies itself. I hope. I would probably cry if I didn't have the opportunity to go back and reread some of the encouraging and uplifting comments so many of you left for me...especially during the trying days Andrew and our family went through. So...if the problem does not rectify on its own, I will attempt to give a live voice with Blogger. What a shame. Thankfully, I have many of your comments saved through my email.
Jesus saves. Sometimes I do, too. ; ^ )


  1. I have been thinking of doing that, too, but I may wait and see if you get your comments back. I, like you, would hate to lose all those encouragements and contacts. Great bargains you found. I found some great deals on shoes this week....I will have to blog about it soon. About five pair for $40! See you soon.

  2. Awesome finds sis, love you.

  3. LOVE those finds! Truly they are gorgeous! Love your challenge and can't wait to see how it goes for you :)

    Here's hoping you get your comments back!!

  4. Oh my friend...so fun to see your link up and all the fun things with your $100 challenge. And the Black House Black Market dress is amazing.

  5. Good Luck with your $100 challenge, every picture I have ever seen of you and your family has been lovely, all of you are always dressed so nice and your recipes and menus look and sound delicious....somehow I believe you will meet this challenge my friend....there is something special about you and it shows, have a great weekend....-) Hugs

  6. That dress is oh my goodness gracious girl..AWESOME...Loving everything you shared...AWEsome deals...

    You know i was reading one of my journal last night and you were there..September 15th was the date and I wrote about two pages of stuff about what you shared on your blog here....

    Ya,,about your name girl..Paula, as a surprise purchased my domain name, oh ya,,both of them Free Spirit Haven and the Sacrificial Diet...It's kind of exciting to know that this is our name girl..no one else can have it...

    ((hugs)) loving the pic of your profile..you ROCK!!

  7. Hi Melanie,
    Love your finds and the $100 challenge!
    I've been a reader of your blog for awhile, so it is an *honor* to have a comment from you on mine! :)

  8. Love all the great finds, Melanie. I never find good deals here. People ask too much for their junk. I also like the $100 challenge. I am not sure we can do that as we get SS and pension only once a month. If you figure out how we can do this, let me know!

  9. I know I've told you before that you are one hot momma...and the fact that you can wear a bias cut dress proves it! Would you share your honey banana muffin recipe?

  10. Melanie,

    You amaze me!! I am literally BLOWN AWAY at your shopping skills, cooking skills, everything! I think a trip to your house would do me a world of good! I just wonder how we could work that out! I have so much to learn about even blogging skills from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Praying for you still,

  11. Oh how I love a bargain, and you have posted some fabulous bargains! You are so smart, I'm sure you'll have money left over at the end of the week! laurie

  12. Great finds you have!!! I know that dress looks beautiful on you!!!

    I pray all your comments come back with no problems. I'm sure GOD has it under control.

    Love and blessings to you and your family.

  13. From one coupon printing, Publix shopping, and CVS dealing,thrifty mama to anutha....I think I can take on the $100 a week challenge. Game on girlfriend! Get ready to turnover some extra care buckaroo's. :) Lovin your thrifty finds!

  14. You are a saving queen! I am not going to take yoru challenge! I spend quite a bit more than that at the grocery, plus, I like to get a pedicure every few weeks ($25). But I am a bargin shopper. Today I bought my daughter a Aeropostle hoodie, $42 on sale for $12! WOO! So that is for school in the fall.

  15. What an awesome challenge and perfect timing w/this wicked economy that is hurting so many. I can't wait to hear how you do!!! I've actually started the same thing w/just a few dollars added to that weekly amount ... it's quite invigorating :) Oh and I love your flip flops below!!! They are adorable :) The best of luck w/your speaking engagement!!!!