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Jun 15, 2010

The Rest of the Story ~ 10 New Things

Here are my "10 New Things To Do This Summer."
Inspiration came from this.

~ The Two of Us ~

1. Try 10 new recipes.
I've made 3 new dishes and this one is next.

2. Run a 5k a day.

3. Read the Gospels, working my way from John back to Matthew.

4. Take a cooking class.

5. Participate in a Women's Summer Bible Study.
I have taught these and facilitated studies in a church setting, but I have never participated in one in some one's home. Tonight is the first one. Update: It was great! Lots of cool women that I look forward to getting to know and the first video segment was by Kay Arthur, whose teaching style I truly enjoy. Of course, I cried when it came my turn to introduce myself and tell about my family. I have a wonderful husband and three great kids ~ one in Heaven. Today makes 6 months. Who wouldn't cry? I cry a lot these days. But I'm also very thankful that I laugh more than ever, too. God's gift to me in the midst of grief.

6. Run a 10k at midnight.
This is the one!

7. Paint a canvas.
I like this. The Thrifty Designer made it. (Scroll down her post to see her canvas.) Thanks, Thrifty Designer for responding to my email and pointing me in the right direction to copy you!

8. Make one of these. Update: I made it today! Mine is a vintage journal. It was trial and error. I'm going to do another one and do a better job!

9. Vlog once a week.
I hope I can achieve this. I'll need one of my kids or my husband to help me out.

10. ? Leave some white space for spontaneity.
Who knows what may come up this summer. I'm leaving some space for the unknown. Looks like I'm PLANNING to be spontaneous!

Just showing off my new dress that was a gift from my cousin, Joy. She is my longest best friend.


  1. Your list inspires me! It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day that we don't realize what a beautiful summer we have going on. Thanks for the reminder.

    BTW, you look gaw-geous!

  2. The dress is gorgeous, as are you dear Melanie!

    The midnight run sounds like a blast! I'm guessing there may even be some fireworks involved? Like at the finish line maybe, how cool would that be.

    Have a blessed day!

  3. Love the dress. Great with your coloring.

    I was trying to read through the Gospels, too, only I began with Mark and went to Matthew (I think it was Matthew. My brain gets a little foggy sometimes and the Gospels tell a remarkably similar story ; ) Then I lost my bookmark somewhere in Luke and got sidetracked! Maybe I'll start again with John and go back to Luke.

  4. You encourage my heart sis. I love your new dress, you look beautiful.

  5. You are beautiful - - inside and out.

  6. what a sweet bff! Such a pretty dress on YOU!

    Just want you to know I started a list of things I want to do this summer. Thank you for the idea. In all my list making I have not put on paper some things I would like to accomplish!

  7. Love the dress! You look beautiful! Have fun with the 10k...I don't do very well with night races! Sorta a tripping issue...we'll leave it at that!!

    Your list is great! Did you ever try those email addresses again? scrunnmom@gmail.com should get it. Just let me know!

  8. Love the picture of you and Dan and love your new dress.....gorgeous.

    Quite the list you have going and somehow I think you will manage it......:-) Hugs

  9. You look adorable, Melanie. You are really staying busy this summer. Love and Hugs ~

  10. the midnight run sounds fun! love, love the dress but I mostly love the girl in it =)
    and, of course, you cried. who wouldn't?

    love you, girlfriend!

  11. Hey! I misspelled it! That's what happens when a morning person (me!) tries to blog at night! Mercy! It's scrunnermom@gmail.com

    See if that works! I am so sorry! Or, try

    I use both of these daily! If not, give me your email, and I will reply, and you'll have mine!

    Loved your new website on running. Just make sure since you are increasing your mileage to increase your caloric intake as well. For me, I eat two good snacks --one in the morning and one mid-afternoon. These help so much!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!!

  12. I love your list... it's all over the ballpark, kind of like life!

    I'm more than excited about the study you are doing! I did a study last year with these 3 women and LOVED it. It was 'Annointed, Redeemed, Transformed". The combination of the 3 women made the study the best of all... so many great insights and with their unique gifts, it was amazing. You will love this!

  13. You look beautiful! I love #3, reading the Gospels backwards. 6 months Melanie? So how many angels do you think Andrew has taught to skateboard in these last 180 days?:) However, between watching his Mom run and hanging with Jesus I'm sure he's pretty busy. Love you!!!