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Jun 18, 2010

You've Got Mail

The strangest thing has been recurring on my daily runs.
Sometimes I run on the beach or at a local park but this week all of my runs, except for Wednesday's, I ran in my neighborhood. Monday about a half mile out I saw a large envelope and lots of letters scattered on the ground around a mailbox. I don't know the people who live in that house, but I knocked on the door to let them know about their mail on the ground.

Tuesday nearly a mile into my run I saw one letter that had been dropped and I scooped it up and stuck it back in the box.

Wednesday there were no mail incidents because there were no mailboxes. I ran on the beach with a couple of friends.

Thursday I was almost home from a four miler and I came upon my friend's mailbox. I saw that the little door was down because the handle was broken. The box was full of mail so I shut the door and pressed it firmly so it would stay closed. I'm sure she wouldn't want a bill to blow away!

Today I had run about a mile and a quarter when, again, I saw a stray letter on the ground of Whitacre Avenue. And once again, I scooped up the dropped mail and put it back in the box.

"What is going on with me and mail?" I wondered as I quickened my pace. I have walked, biked and run in this neighborhood for thirteen years and never seen anything like this! So I asked God, "Are You showing me something?"
"Is there any significance to this?"

Normally I wouldn't think anything about this as I tend to be leery about assigning symbolism or significance to what may simply be happenstance. But when it happens four days out of five? Could it just be a newbie postal worker on this route? Or is there significance to Melanie "delivering" mail?
I'll let you draw your own conclusions. I'm still pondering it. I do have some news however. But I'll "deliver" that in a day or so.
(When I came in from my run, I asked Son to take my picture by our mailbox. He didn't even ask questions. See? They're used to my picture taking ways!)


  1. That is very interesting indeed! Perhaps God will reveal something to you soon, it does seem more than happenstance at this point! Perhaps just a simple lesson in kindness?

    God bless you dear!

  2. Melanie:

    I don't believe there is ever just happenstance with God. The fact that He brought you to a place of asking the question,'What's up with the mail?" shows He does have something to tell you - show you about this about Himself - about His ways.

    Perhaps it's about investing in people?!?!
    Just my thoughts....but keep asking - He'll keep showing you more and more.

    Blessings, Stephanie

  3. Maybe he's just reminding you that while HE is the deliverer, you can be his messenger. :-)

  4. Melanie ~ When I was in the Word (Prov 16) one of the days this week it was sharing that nothing is by chance or luck or happenstance (in my study notes). I believe the Lord will show you ....continue to ask and seek!!! What an adventure HE is taking you on my friend

  5. My sister lives on Citrus Street which is less than one mile from you, so if you go by would you check her mail? Only kidding ...

  6. You are His beautiful messenger.

  7. I do believe there is a message here somehow, I don't believe in coincidence, there is a reason for this my friend.....have you asked God for something or about something and is he trying to answer you or get your attention.
    ummmmmmm I'm wondering now......:-) Hugs

  8. Debbie, I know exactly where Citrus Street is. Maybe I should check on your sister's mail. I still plan to stop in at her shop and introduce myself to her. That would be a good chance to "deliver" some salt and light, wouldn't it.

  9. Bernie, I have been asking God about something. Maybe this whole "mail thing" is His reply!

  10. I think you're onto something here! Hmmmm.....

  11. Dear Melanie

    I have just today 'stumbled' upon your blog and I have read and read and read some more. I mourn your loss but in the same breath celebrate your beauty and strength of spirit.

    There are no words really are there from one mother to another, one woman to another, one christian to another? Just knowing that I do, in some small part, know how you feel will have to suffice with an ocean between us.

    May God bless you and yours and may He wrap His arms around Andrew and hold him safe in his eternal love.

    Pax et bonum

    Sharon xx

  12. ps just to ask if I can link your blog to mine?? It's ~ http://sharonxx.wordpress.com/ ~ if you want to take a look. My comments on here are linked to my little boy's blog as it's on Blogger whereas mine is on *leans in close and whispers* Wordpress.

    Sharon xx

  13. I agree Melanie, that is interesting to say the least. Yep, I'd have to ponder on that one myself.

    Looking forward to hearing your news.

    Have a Blessed evening,

  14. Intriguing! I have no idea but can't wait to hear the announcemnet! Melanie, the Father's Day dinner looked so good. Can you post recipes - even the cookie bar! :) My family would love all of it! :) You are talented!

  15. Very interesting, Melanie...can't wait to hear what this is all about. In the meantime, just wanted to tell you how cute you are in your running outfit! And that those peanut butter cookies look absolutely delish!

  16. Hmm. I know what you mean about this. It has to have some message. I'll be waiting curiously for the revelation from the mail mystery.