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Jun 9, 2010

Ten New Things To Do This Summer

I'll be back to share more of my "Ten New Things To Do This Summer."
But here's a hint to #2: See the bridge?

I'm back.

"Ten New Things To Do This Summer"

#1 Try 10 new recipes.

1. crepes

2. black bean & corn salad

3. turkey meatloaf

7 more recipes to go!

#2 Run a 5k a day. (3.1 miles)

Today's 5k included running the Belleair Beach Causeway

I ran with Jen. (Jen's daughter in blue. 'Love that girl!)

We have affectionately dubbed this bridge the Belleair Booty & Belly Bridge.

Sculptor, Bob Emser responds to this question from the St. Petersburg Times, April 28, 2010:

1. What was your thought process when coming up with your art? I saw the two sides of the bridge, Belleair Bluffs and Belleair Beach, as two different communities. They both had their own feeling and personality. On the east side, because of the tall building next to the bridge, I felt it needed a taller structure. That work stands at 24 feet tall. On the west side, I focused more on the charm of the beach community. That side is made of two pieces, which I named "the Sisters of Belle Isle.'' The big piece is 9 feet tall and the shorter one, which I call the younger sister, is 8 feet. Belle Isle is my play on the word Belleair, and also, in Italian, "bella" means beautiful.

I guess Bella~Mella is running the right bridge!

The view...although hard to truly appreciate when you can't breathe.

I'll continue to share my list of "Ten New Things To Do This Summer," so come back!

By the way, what have you got planned for June, July and August?


  1. Hmmmm, let's see. Run over it? Swim under it? Sail under it? Bungee jump off it? Paint it? Photograph it? Barbeque on it? I've run out of ideas. Did I come anywhere close?

  2. Congratulations on completing the first day of #2! And thanks for stopping by again. But I'm disappointed about the earring...

  3. Wow, awesome list sis. I love you.

  4. So it's definitely your bridge!!

    Love your ideas list, especially loved the crepes you pictured... which is also why I need to run that bridge!!

    I'm going to Norway in July for my niece's wedding. My mom was born there. Your crepes remind me of Norwegian pancakes.

    Keep running!

  5. You are inspiring to make that list! I want to try your salsa and fish tacos soon!
    lose 10lbs. or more!
    hmmm, like I said ~ I need to make that list ;)

    I would love to run a 5k too!

    Can't wait to see what all you mark off your list

    Love and hugs today

  6. Hi Melanie :)
    It looks like you have been staying busy! I love the idea list...it's great!! Can't wait to see more..

  7. A 5K a day?! Wow - that awsome..and inspiring! Certainly I can finish ONE exercise video a day!! Sounds like great goals for your summer!

  8. I thought of you and the fragrance verse....almost mentioned it on radio.
    Black bean/corn salad :)
    I am leaving FL next week so I will have lots of new things going on this summer. I have been thinking about you. Keep running! B

  9. I like your list idea! Sounds like fun!

  10. You have me thinking, Melanie. I am looking for some adventure this summer! I'm going to have to come up with ten things too.

    I'll keep you posted!