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Jun 2, 2010

Simple Spring Table

On her post today Sandy, at Reluctant Entertainer, asks these questions: "Are you a simple tablescaper? Or do you get into the fancy stuff, and produce a more detail-oriented table?"

Greenery from the tree in my backyard

Cut glass vase from my mother

Bird, a gift from my friend Alisa at Carolina Panache

Lemon plates, also a gift from Alisa
(You should be so blessed as to have a friend like Alisa!)

These pictures answer Sandy's questions, don't you think?

Simple Spring Lunch: Salmon patties, mixed greens salad, lemon cupcakes and tea.


  1. I love your simple table setting and your lemon plates are so pretty! Bringing the outdoors in makes it look just perfect.

  2. visiting here from RE. I love your sweet and simple table...and may I say those cupcakes make my mouth water!


  3. Wonderful table Melanie! Love the lemon plates!

  4. Can I just have a lemon cupcake, please? Your table is lovely, but I simply need a napkin!!! Hugs!

  5. Oh so pretty and inviting.......:-) Hugs

  6. Your simple looks beautiful to me. Anything with lemon looks refreshing and so inviting. Thank you for the inspiration today.

  7. Your tablescape is really beautiful. Most of the time I go to the backyard and cut leaves or flowers or whatever strikes my fancy. Those lemon plates are calling my name too! You definitely answered Sandy's question in the best way possible!
    504 Main

  8. Love simple. Love to use foliage and I LOVE lemon cupcakes! I hope you had a wonderful time ... so lovely. Thanks for linking up today. BTW I need to go over and visit your friend, I haven't been there in a while. Think of you all the time! xo

  9. Hey! Sure you can!! Email me at carolinahoods@charter.net. That should work! I still want the cupcake:). They are one of my weaknesses.

    Saw where your daughter did a tri--awesome job! Since I do not swim, I do not do them!! But, my boys do. Lots of fun to watch.

  10. Looks perfect to me. What more would you need?

  11. Love the simplicity!! and those cupcakes ~ OH MY! Divine - ness :) LOL

    Big hugs to you today!!!

  12. I'm coming... what time?? :)

  13. Hi Melanie!
    So glad you stopped by. I love Sand Key, too!!!! My brother has a condo at Cabana Club...always a treat to go, even though we live so close.

    Love your simple table. These lemon plates are wonderful! Yes, you are fortunate to have a friend like Alisa.

    Hope to see you soon...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  14. Melanie,
    I LOVE your tablescape. I am a simple girl myself, although I used to try to get all fancy, it's just not my style. Simple makes me feel pretty, ya know?!!

    Those cupcakes look delish!!

    Have a Blessed day dear one,

  15. Darling!

    Looks like there's lemon zest in the icing...yum-o!