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Apr 26, 2010

Smiley Face ~

For every prayer, kind thought, heartfelt expression and for every loving deed to honor our boy and comfort our family...THANK YOU.
What a weekend! We had a garage sale Saturday and I don't know what I was thinking in the timing of it. But we had planned it so we had it.
At the garage sale
Some man:
"Do you have any guns in your house?"
"Are you sure you don't have any military stuff that you forgot about?"
Me: (In my head ~ "Why yes, I have a gun in my sewing basket and a camouflage apron hanging in my pantry." "How about 5 bucks for each?")
Out loud ~ "No. Sorry."
Cleaning out my closet (for the garage sale)
My daughter:
"This has never been cute."
Me: "But it's Ann Taylor!"
"But it's Sigrid Olsen."
"But it has sentimental value."
My daughter:
"It's frumpy."
"Just because it's Ann Taylor or Sigrid Olsen doesn't mean it's cute."
Me: "Really?" "It doesn't?" "Oh." "Well...it's a good color on me."


  1. Thought & prayed about you yesterday and you were on my heart this morning too.
    Love to you Mel.

  2. Thought of you this morning - hoping that God used yesterday in a special way to remind you that He is with you every step of this journey. Praying that you felt loved - and hugged!


  3. Love those garage sales!

    Thinking of you and praying for you Mel.


  4. Continuing to storm the heavens on your behalf.

    Yard sales are always interesting....but I hate having them....I don't even know why.


  5. A good color on you can go a loooooong way :)

  6. Oh Mel I loved what you did this weekend, by having your garage sale it would help to keep your mind and hands busy. I always found the days building up to the ocassion were far worse than the actual day which brough relief that it was here and I had made it through.
    I can't tell you how many times I thought of you yesterday and every time I did I said a prayer. Hope you are doing okay my friend, luv you.......:-) Hugs

  7. My heart was with you yesterday.

    Mother and daughter stuff.....so cute!

    That's what I have to look forward too, when she grows up. When she tells me, "I dress frumpy." I am going to pull out the picture that I took of her today. She went grocery shopping with me and insisted on wearing (picture this) long Bermuda shorts, shirt that does not match, socks with sandles, bright pink rain coat (not raining), and ONE dirty blue spongebob garden glove....:)just one. I did try to change her but my opinion has not been effective since she turned one. At nearly four, she is her own fashion bug. I just love her and her look. ;)

  8. Just stopping by to visit and say a prayer for you.

    That guy looking for weapons sounded a little scary.

    It's funny how all styles turn into "frumpy" eventually. :)

  9. Thought of you this weekend.

    Sending hugs and prayers.

  10. Thought of you many times yesterday and said a prayer when I did. Don't ya just love daughters and their frank way of telling you like they see it, haha...Have had many such similiar conversations with mine as well. I love to shop with her when I have something I need to buy for something important as she will always say, "It does NOTHING for you mom...get if off" haha Who else is going to do that? She's just as quick with the compliments though too..."Oh mom, you look sooo good in that." Gotta love them. Garage sales sure bring out a LARGE variety of people...looks like yours found a "funny one" or two....HUGS

    Hugs to you,


  11. Melanie,
    I love the smile balloon! Prayed for each of you throughout the day.
    Oh the fun of garage sales. What size was the AT? lol. I shop there. b

  12. I love garage sales...you know what they say..."one woman's trash is another woman's trasure". Thanking God for keeping you under His wing!!!

  13. Oh Melanie ~ The timing of your garage sale had to be Divine :) The characters that come almost always leave you with a few good stories!

    Praying for you yesterday today and always my friend!

    ♥ you

  14. And thank YOU for sharing with us and being an inspiration. I just had to smile about that conversation with your daughter. It seems it is hard to part with our clothes. Love you ~

  15. Garage sales are SO much work! Thinking of you and your dear family (and praying!) today as well :)

  16. You have been very much in my heart, and prayers. I love you sis.

  17. If I had known you were having a garage sale sweet sis I would have had Randy drive me over! My yard sale side kick had to work on Saturday so my husband 'volunteered' to drive me (I don't drive). He pretty much sat in the truck while I did the 'shopping', than would shake his head yes or no when I would hold an item up for his interest, LOL..