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Apr 11, 2010

Run For The Love of Andrew ~ Iron Girl

Yesterday, April 10, I ran the Aflac Iron Girl 5k on Clearwater Beach at Pier 60. Audra ran the 15k. I spread "Andrew's Message." (more of the story and more pics later)

Andrew's Message

Me with the sign
Pausing for a picture
Audra and me

Audra runs for the "love of Andrew" and in support of Britt Ballard (pic in sidebar).

My man and me


  1. So encourageing and uplifting! ....Andrew indeed is a special young man.....in Heaven as he was on earth......my prayers are always with you and yours.....Sadly I know all to well the feelings that go along with sending a child to Heaven.....But always TRY to remember that our Loving Lord never makes mistakes and took our Kevin home for a reason......Again....always in my prayers

  2. You go girls! What a wonderful way to spread the "Good News"! I really admire you getting out there to do that. You and Audra look like a real dynamic duo!
    hugs and love,

  3. How inspiring this is, and how wonderful that the two of you can do this together! HUGS

  4. What a wonderful message to carry in Andrew's honor...a message that speaks to those still in a battle!

  5. Way to go girls!! Awesome, spreading Andrew's message. Andrew is full of life and joy in heaven with Jesus. Praise the Lord!

    Here on Earth, we hate cancer.

    love to you,

  6. What a wonderful way to spread Andrews message! You inspire me so...My dad was a runner and this would be a wonderful way to honor him.

    Bless you Melanie....praying for you and yours always

  7. You girls rock, this is precious. Andrew is smiling really big right now. I love you.

  8. What a beautiful message. I'm with Denise all the way...You Girls Rock! I bet Andrew was cheering you on from the golden gates in heaven with Jesus by His side. Can't you just see them? GO GO GO!

    Love you my friend and praying daily for you and your family.


  9. This is awesome, Melanie! I'm so proud of you and Audra!


  10. what a mom! what a wife! what an inspiration!

  11. Oooh! I give you so much credit. I tried a 5K once and made it, however, I was so dehydrated and tired that my heart rate raced! A few gatorades later, I was fine.
    What a wonderful message of love for you, Andrew and your family! Congrats!

  12. What a beautiful sentiment in memory of your wonderful son :) I hope it brought a great deal of warmth to your family's heart ... it sure did to mine!

    Tks so much for visiting my Blog and how wonderful that your neighbors made Andrew a quilt! I'd love to see it someday :)

    Hugs to you my dear!

  13. That is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you and your family.

  14. You are an iron woman! You are iron sharpening iron. I am thankful for your inspiration!