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Apr 23, 2010

I Dreamed of You

I dreamed of you.
You were outside with your big brother working on your skateboards. I walked outside and saw the two of you. Your brother was sitting on the ground with a skateboard and you were standing with your foot poised on your board.
I asked, "Andrew, are you going to skate?"
You replied, "Yes."
Then you came into the house, pale faced and pained.
"I want to, but my head hurts."
I wrapped you in my arms and began to pray for you. I held you tight and then I began to shake.
The shaking woke me up with a start.

I got out of bed and walked through our dark house.

Knowing another morning that you are not here.

It was only a dream.

Knowing that you ARE healed and you CAN skate again!

Just like you dreamed.

And when we hugged, it felt so real.

Always Andrew

13 on Sunday!

This beautiful flower arrangement came unexpectedly today from one mother to another in remembrance of Andrew's birthday, which is April 25. I cried good tears.
The Willow Tree figure is from Brandi. She sent it weeks ago after I wrote about the Boot Strap award. I cried good tears.
I have come to truly understand that both laughter and tears are a gift. And they often coincide! And that, too, is a gift.
Thank you.


  1. I have been following your blog for some time now, although I do not comment much. My birthday is also April 25th. I will be thinking about Andrew and praying for you that day.

  2. Oh honey. My heart hurts for you. Sending you lots of love.

  3. Oh Melanie, I will be praying especially hard for you all week-end. Andrew is sure to be celebrating with Jesus this week-end too. I do love that you can see him and feel his hugs in your dreams. What a WONDERFUL picture of him. Lots of hugs, Debbie

  4. Bless your sweet heart, Melanie. I'm so glad the hug felt real. That is a precious picture of Andrew, and thank God he is made perfectly whole. Love you ~

  5. That face, that beautiful precious face, I pray you see that face in all your dreams.

    A magnificent birthday celebration Andrew is experiencing this year, and always, in the presence of Jesus. Soon, you will all celebrate being together forever. A glorious day that shall be!!

    My love to you,

  6. I will pray for you as Andrew celebrates his 13th birthday with his Heavenly Father!

  7. I like to think your dream is Andrew's way of telling you he is happy, and wants you to be happy......will be keeping you in my prayers on Sunday......luv you, xo

  8. I'm so glad that the hug felt so good! I think God gave that to you this week, knowing Andrew's birthday is coming on Sunday. He knows your heart, and I hope it was like a warm blanket of love, both Andrew's and His.


  9. Melanie !

    I have asked the Lord numerous times to dream of my Dad but to date I haven't. Although last night I dreamed of my Precious Nana...I hugged her tightly and then she took my face in her hands and said "NOW, let me see you"...It was soooo wonderful to feel her arms around me and have her say those precious words!

    I have been wondering when Andrews bday is....please know I will be praying for you my friend! What a thoughtful gift those flowers were!

    So happy you were able to hug your sweet boy if only in your dreams but as you said.....he is skating on the streets of Gold!!

    Love to you

  10. What a sweet picture of Andrew on this post! Happy Birthday to Andrew as you remember the precious gift of his life that God allowed you to share in for those 12 years. Now you are counting the golden years - on the golden streets - with Jesus cheering him on!

    Love you sweet sister, Stephanie

  11. Remembering Andrew with you. I believe God allowed his hug to feel real for your comfort. Because He loves you and your son. I can picture Andrew skating in heaven. And I look forward to meeting him. He touched my life. I'm eternally grateful. Thank you, Melanie, for sharing your life and his with us.

    Love and hugs.

  12. I love you, Melanie...and am praying consistently...

  13. Praying for grace to cover you until that dream hug becomes a reality...and instead of saying Happy Birthday to your Andrew...it's Hallelujah Always to him....

  14. I'm so glad Andrew won't have a headache on his b'day....he'll be praising Jesus.
    You are an amazing work of God.
    thanks for sharing.


  15. Melanie,
    My thoughts and prayers and love are with you dear one. Thank you for sharing your dream.

    Love and hugs,

  16. On Sunday, I will think of you and hold you up in prayer. As for Andrew, I never knew him, but I smile at every word and picture of him here, because I know he is home- home where we will soon be. I am reading Heaven by Alcorn- at your suggestion. Thank you.

  17. Praying without ceasing this weekend, as you remember your precious Andrew. I love you sis.

  18. Saying prayers for continued laughter and healing through your tears as you celebrate Andrew this weekend and forever.

  19. I am excited to think about your Andrew celebrating his 1st birthday in heaven, yet my heart aches for you...knowing you miss him so. Hugs and prayers to you!!

  20. Andrew will be celebrating his 13th birthday in the most beautiful place imaginable! We will be celebrating the baptism of our new grandchild, and all heaven will rejoice for both of them!!
    I believe that you did hug Andrew...I believe that God allows these things to happen to help us in our grief.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  21. Melanie, I don't know you but share the same grief, the loss of a son. Birthdays are hard, my so was born on Dec. 21st and I brought him home on Christmas Eve. He was my Christmas present from God. This makes it very hard a Christmas. I know you are hurting and missing Andrew but I do believe God gave us dreams for a reason, this one was to comfort you. Andrew is not gone from you, he is just waiting with our Lord.


  22. The picture of your son is so sweet. Today I am thankful for photos and that you have pictures of Andrew to look at, to remind you of the good days. The days you held your son in your arms and the even better days that are coming when you are reunited in Heaven.

    I am praying for you. For you, for your husband, for your children. Praying Andrews 13th birthday brings the sweetest memories of his life to you all.


  23. Oh Melanie...how beautiful and I love the picture of him. He has the sweetest face.
    Will be praying for you and thinking so much about you tomorrow especially.

  24. I am praying that your Sunday will saturated with the fragrance of God, the sweet taste of His love, the feel of being held in His Holy arms and the sound of His voice of comfort and assurance.

  25. Oh, Melanie. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Remembering your precious boy. I wish I could give you a real life hug, but sender cyber love. Praying for the Lord to reveal Himself in a special way of comfort. love to you.

  26. Happy Birthday in Heaven, Andrew!

  27. I am glad he came back in your dreams. Its his way of touching base. Happy Birthday Andrew!

  28. Melanie, said a prayer for you and your family and Andrew today, his 13th Birthday.It is a special day to me too as it is the 4th anniversary of my Mothers death from cancer.Hope you get through the day ok.

  29. I'm new to your blog as of last evening. I kept reading all the 'old posts' til I got to November. I've experienced some great losses but not of loved ones and I so appreciate your honesty in sharing. Today my thoughts have been full of knowing it is Andrews birthday. Skating on street of gold must be one smooth ride. And the wind blowing through that gorgeous head of hair..... Continuing to remember you and your family through this day and the days ahead. Come, Lord Jesus, Come.

  30. Thinking of you and your family today my friend......Happy Birthday Andrew....:-) Hugs

  31. Melanie, even though yesterday was Andrew's birthday, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I trust that God ministered to you and your family in a special way throughout the day. What a special dream you had of Andrew and something to hold on to. It amazes me the depth of God's love for us! The picture of him was so good. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  32. I'm praying many prayers for you tonight sweet melanie. love you! xoxo