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Apr 30, 2010

Primal Cry ~ Morning Poetry & Update

"Primal Cry"
by Melanie Dorsey

Some days I want to run away
Escape into tomorrow
To what I hope are better days
Put away the bread of sorrow.

An end to images and voices
And chilling disbelief
Accepting what I feared imagine
Spirit prayer for some relief

Truly understanding
There is no one but You
With naked soul and quivering lip
Not run away, but to.

To the highest place
My feet can climb
To the deepest sea
Where I am blind.

Whether in the sun
Or darkest blue
My primal cry
Will be for You.
(photo by Linda Charlene)
A family update
My husband ~ working, loving me, loving us, my greatest fan and biggest supporter, missing Andrew in a BIG way
My daughter ~ took some time out from school, working at the YMCA, tutoring, running, biking, swimming, making music, hanging out with ME!
My son ~ making the grades, making music, thinking deep thoughts, asking questions (the tough ones), parkour, longboarding, running for Jr. class prez
Ted ~ always a mixed bag with him, makes us smile, makes us mad, makes some messes, "makes up with us" and then we tell him he's the cutest, smartest, funniest pup ever!
Me ~ so very thankful for friends, especially the ones who don't seem to mind when I ramble, lose my train of thought, and have harebrained schemes that involve them and that may or may not involve a video camera (You know who you are!), grateful that God is patient with me and people are, too.
Exploring the best way (all things considered) that I can begin to bring in some $$$.
Full of nervous energy and cannot sit still, write poetry so my head will not explode, still don't like washing the pots and pans, really needing to mop my floors but will probably go to the beach instead!
Andrew ~ worshipping our Lord, saving our spots in Heaven, skateboarding, painting and playing with his dogs!


  1. Such a beautiful poem sis. I love the updates, I can just see Andrew skateboarding all over heaven, jumping from cloud to cloud. I love you.

  2. Melanie~ I see LIFE in what you wrote and the updates you shared. Hard situations, but LIFE. And it's beautiful to me. It's an answered prayer of mine for your family. Still hate that you all must process this nightmare, but am praising God for the light and the life I'm sensing bud from it.

    With love and prayers...

  3. Dear Melanie, Every post you do is a step forward. Some of the "steps" are contemplative and prayerful, some are daily life. I love hearing both from you, because it's proof you are "present and accounted for". The thrifting trip and new clothes, which are wonderful on you, family updates and just going to the beach...these are just what you need to be doing! Thanks for letting us share your life,
    love you,

  4. Melanie, when I first found your blog you were doing your speaking engagements. I know that would require really putting yourself out there. Is that something you would do again? I was immediately hooked by you because you are so inspiring. I know it's still in you.

  5. Hi Mel....think of you all the time....you will find out what you are supposed to do...isn't that the truth about our puppies!

  6. Go enjoy the beach.....if I lived near you I would happily scrub your pots, pans and floors for you!:) (it's more exciting when it's done for someone else:) Keep writing, we'll keep praying :)

  7. Gods can take whatever you dish out. Whether praise, or pain, he loves you the same.

    Glad you are all continuing to hang in there. keep on keeping on!

  8. Wonderful poem, when you are ready you may be able to help other grieving families...approach funeral homes or hospitals and see if there is a need (which there always is) find something you love to do then figure out a way to get paid for it.....many, many hugs........:-)

  9. Your heart is REAL and I appreciate your sharing. Praying still for your beautiful family with love.

  10. Go to the beach and chat with God and Andrew. That is a perfect idea! I love your poetry...you are such a beautiful and talented sister in Christ!! Sending you hugs from SC. You and your family continue to be in our prayers.

    Love you!

  11. I think of you and your family every day.

    Still praying...

    Keep sharing what's in your heart.


  12. If you must wash the floor be sure to use extra sudsy water so bubbles are everywhere just like in the movie Cinderella. Don't forget to sing. Okay, I know that was super silly, but I try and make housework fun.

  13. I love to hear what's in your heart and soul....always praying.....

  14. Melanie,
    Such a beautiful and telling poem. I love all of the updates.

    Love you sister,

  15. Hey Mel,
    Just go to the beach! Let the pots and the pans sit, wait for a rainy day to mop the floors, keep writing because no one has a way with words like you, and keep pressing in and pressing on...most of all keep on just being you. I love you. :-)

  16. I'll wash your pots and pans, clean your floors so you can go to the beach and escape and seek peace...take care..

  17. Your poetry is beautiful! Your thoughts are so inspirational. I really feel there must be a way for you to reach more people . . .therefore inspiring and helping more people. What comes to mind is speaking engagements, work shops with churches, etc. I am continuing to pray for you that God will show you a clear direction and one that will tap into your God-given talents.

    Your blog is the only blog I follow.

  18. Also, thanks too for the wonderful update on your family!

  19. Oh...I wish I could say I'm going to the beach, but that would mean a lot of planning & saving, etc. :) I need to move to Florida!!
    Beautiful poem. Thank you for letting us have a peek at your heart.
    Love to you,

  20. So nice to hear the updates on everyone. I hope you went to the beach. (((hugs)))

  21. Thinking of you especially this week of Mothers Day....Love hearing from you....

  22. I haven't visited here in a while, but your family has been in our thoughts/prayers. Another great poem.

  23. I know that when I land here, I'll find perspective. If ever there was a day when I needed some, it's today. You've given it to me. Thank you for living your life in color and out loud for the rest of us. We need your soul-stirrings to keep us well-informed about the Soul-Giver.


  24. My heart aches with you Mel and although you don't know me I have said many prayers for Andrew and you. I have shared your tears and no one can write a poem of a broken heart more profound than you can.
    Simply Debbie