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May 8, 2009

Friday's Fave Five ~ TGIF!

Fridays are my day off from teaching high school classes. I get to catch up on housework and usually schedule my 6 week haircuts for Friday mornings. Although Fridays are not a total day off because I homeschool SkateBoy, still it is slower paced.

Today I am simply posting some things I have enjoyed this week and especially today.

Pretty Purple Flowers on My PorchMy newly painted wicker sofa that SkateBoy spraypainted in "espresso." Yesterday One Fine Man and I sat here in the late afternoon and just enjoyed being together on a beautiful Florida day on our own little patch of bliss.
The wicker was originally a teal green. I had thought of painting it black but my BFF suggested brown. I love it! For now I have tossed some throw pillows on it but I'm on a search for affordable cushions. I'm looking for some in espresso and pear green.

Bird & Nest Under Cloche
This rests atop my best thrift store find: a marble topped end table for $20!
Platter with Shells
I have several shell vignettes in my home. Birds and shells keep calling my name!

I love haircut day!

My fabulous hairdresser, Susan, only charges $16 for a wash, cut and style! Now you know why I'm smiling!

Oh and the "salon" is a real beauty shop like your mama used to go to. (Well, like mine went to anyway.) I love to see the elderly women, many accompanied by their husbands, coming in for their weekly "set." Susan and the other stylists are so sweet and patient with them.

Have a beautiful weekend and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I'm loving your cute cut! You can't beat the price either. I love the old beauty shops with the weekly set ladies. My mom used to go to one when I was little and it was always a treat to go along! Enjoy your Mother's Day!!

  2. Your hair cut looks great. Thanks for sharing your Fave Five. BTW I love the shells.
    Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

  3. A fresh haircut always feels good. Very cute style. Looks good with your face shape. I got mine done Wednesday. OK...$16.00 what a deal! Mine's $40.00! The wonderful FL humidity is making my hair go flat. Anyone know how to fight that? I like a little lift! Your espresso finish is awesome. I just bought foam and covered some chairs for the 'village.' It was pricey even for 1" foam. If I could have waited for a coupon, it would have been better. Do you have Hobby Lobby there? Maybe after the 4th of July they will mark cushions down if you haven't found something before then.
    Happy Mother's Day. We are blessed. B

  4. Good job painting that wicker chair, it looks great. I like the brown as well. We are looking for outdoor furniture so you gave me an idea to buy some garage sale wicker and paint it the color I want.

    I really like the look of your blog.

  5. Great haircut at a great price! My sis in law has a shop just like that with senior ladies coming in with their hubbies and then being picked up by them. And my sil is awesome with them too!

    Love your little bird and your patio furniture! I really like that espresso!

  6. Great price for that haircut! Seriously! And your hair looks great.

    I love shells, too!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  7. love the spray painted whicker, I posted about loving paint yesterday! It transforms everything! and your hair looks great!

  8. Love your hair cut, and your wicker painted brown. Happy Mother's Day! :-)

  9. Happy Mom's day and what a great patio set!!!

    cute hair too

  10. First of all, how fun to post your friday fave five. :)

    Your pretty purple flower made me long for warmer days up here in Iowa. It won't be long now before I can get some plants out too.

    I love good deals...and hearing about your finds. The wicker sofa turned out so nice. The espresso color is very pretty. Good job.

    Have a blessed Mother's Day!

  11. Hi there, Melanie,

    Love those gorgeous flowers. And I think your friend's suggestion was perfect, cuz your wicker looks fantastic in brown. Your hair is adorable...love that "fresh-cut" feeling!

    Happy Mother's Day!