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May 26, 2009

A Praising Woman & a Link to Another "praising woman"

Please go here to read the post that brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Thanks, Julie, for sharing this beautiful story of the praise that brought peace.
"A Praising Woman Influences"
(from my Life & Style topic EVEry Woman Influences)

Recently I heard that a woman I am acquainted with lost her teaching job ~ a job she was very good at. (I know because she taught my daughter.)
The news hit her hard and out of the blue, and yet the same day I heard of her loss I marveled at her response. It was a Sunday morning and after hearing the news I watched as she lifted her hands in praise to God. Perhaps it was a sacrifice of praise I witnessed. Nevertheless I was blessed to see her praise God with the same passion week after week. Her passionate response of praise influenced me and I rejoiced with her.
In the midst of a trying time her praise sparked the praise in me. Praise because I have also been in trying times and yet have come out to wide open places with greener pastures. Praise because of the realization that although we cannot see around corners, God sees the end from the beginning. Praise because it is a sure pathway to the throne of God.
This praising woman unreservedly revealed her heart to all who would see. In the lean times or the mean times there is always a meanwhile. What will you do in your meanwhile? Will you offer praise to God? Or will you give Him the silent treatment? A praising woman may never know whose life she influences. But there is always someone watching. So...influence for good!

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  1. I think we often in the valleys don't believe what we do will make a difference...yet praising in all circumstances blesses not only us but others...

  2. Funny thing, I just read an article about a woman who praises God in all things, loss of job, illness, flat tires, headaches, financial problems, etc. and she said the peace she feels after all this praising, is incredible!
    Very nice post.

  3. do you ever read blog posts that you just know deep down in your heart that it was written just for you? this was for me today.

    and as i have been sitting here throwing my hands up in the air crying out "what is going on here, Lord"...i am completely humbled how i've reacted and truly want those hands to be raised in praise instead of despair.

    thank you melanie!

  4. Amen dear friend.

    God deserves our praise in all circumstances and praise not only blesses us but others as well.

    I just said a prayer for your friend.

    Blessings and peace.

  5. I saw that very same thing this week. A friend lost her job and was required to train the gal above her who is taking it over. The other ladies were astounded that she would do it with joy, and there was laughter in the cubicle. The lady taking her job commented about her demeaner, and she was able to share her faith.

    When she told the story, she was shedding tears of joy at her opportunity to give glory to God. He is so amazing!

    Thanks for sharing...

  6. Melanie,
    This is a good word and always in "season". Praise changes us as it blesses God. Thank you for keeping us reminded and inspired!
    Will you be at P31 this year??

  7. He is always worthy of praise. Thank you Melanie for sharing this. Somebody is always watching. I am praising God in my storm now. He keeps showing me rainbows. They come after the storm. Blessing to you! B

  8. I remember the first time I heard the concept of praising God even when you don't feel like it. I thought, How can you do that with any kind of integrity?Yeah, I was only concerned about my integrity. My lack of feeling or desire had nothing to do with it.
    And then I learned the very real Truth that He is worthy of our praise regardless of our circumstance. A sacrifice of praise, indeed. And I believe it blesses His heart!

  9. I love your perspective on this, Melanie, because we don't know who might be watching us...during the good times and the bad times. That woman's testimony is undeniable...and she never had to say a word!

    We all have the choice to praise God in the midst of our circumstances. I pray that I always choose to praise!

    Oh, and thanks for the link love! :)

  10. I have found that praising Him in the midst of a trial is a powerful weapon against the enemy.

    Have missed you!

  11. Melanie,
    As always your insight and timely word is ever encouraging. Reminding me to praise HIM in the middle! Surely there is an end...