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May 15, 2009

Life Lines Here & Friday Faves

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I love to see women expressing themselves in a creative way. My friend, Cheryl, put together a beautiful Aloha Tablescape at the school where I teach. It was Teacher Appreciation week. Cheryl is on the left in the short sleeves. Her sweet daughter is the young girl in turquoise. Thanks, Cheryl, for a feast for the eyes as well as the stomache! I had a bagel & fruit on a skewer!


Two Of Cheryl's Baby Shower Creations

It's a diaper bag. It's a baby dress & shoes.

It's a CAKE!
Complete with "diapers" and an extra set of clothing...

My friend Natalie, cake decorator extraordinaire, created this beautiful cake. Even the "dress" and "shoes" are the cake!

Creative women everywhere...I admire you. I appreciate you. I am your friend!

The gorgeous evening sky I beheld last night as I left our church, site of the baby shower.

My God and my Creator...I am in awe of You & Your Creation!

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  1. Melanie, I find it so fascinating when women express themselves creatively. Your friends certainly did just that. What a lovely baby shower. My daughter would love seeing that cake. It looks so real! But as creative as your dear friends are...God out did them with His gorgeous sunset that you captured. It was breathtaking!!What you shared at the end of the post was perfect. Thank you for sharing your memeorable evening.

  2. Wow, that cake is incredible. I can't imagine all the work.

    God is the most incredible artist! Beautiful sunset!

  3. Wow...I thought the cake was clothes. I appreciate talent, art,and creativity. What attention to detail is seen here. Thanks Melanie. B

  4. Wow! These are two very gifted ladies! I love the cake, very impressive! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

  5. what else was on that table, because i couldn't get past drooling over the yummy looking bagels. the sunset was gorgeous btw!!