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Apr 10, 2009

From Raggedy Ann to Tacky to What Now?

Last week we were on spring breakand one of my projects was to freshen up my front porch. We have lots of plants and a wicker settee that reside there. The wicker settee was a great find last summer while I was out walking in my neighborhood. I happened to walk by a house as a man was just putting a sign on the wicker piece that read $40! I checked it out and it was in great condition. As soon as I got it home and started cleaning it up, I saw a metal label attached underneath. I went online and found out that I really got a bargain. This was a Lloyd Loom piece!

My 3 seater sofa originally sold in the hundreds! There were also two chaise lounge cushions accompanying it. The cushions ended up on some chairs in my back yard. A perfect fit! But that left my wicker piece in need of accessorizing.

Quite honestly I haven't wanted to spend the $$$ to outfit the settee in style. Yet. I'm waiting until I see what I want for a price I'm willing to pay.

The picture above is a piece from Lloyd/Flanders online: Mine is not in this pretty natural tone. Mine is a teal green and except for the color it is the exact piece.
Last week I gathered all of my old king sized bed pillows and my coordinating pillow cases and shams. A few years ago I was using a Ralph Lauren blue pattern on my king sized bed so I had several coordinating cases and shams. I went through my stash of table cloths and found a white and blue checked cloth. I arranged the cloth over the back of the settee and positioned the pillows in their pretty blue floral and striped cases to form seat and back cushions. I put a painted chair to the side of the settee with a denim throw pillow to tie it all together. Sounds pretty, huh?

For the week of spring break I really enjoyed my freshened up porch with the pretty and cushy shades of blue. Sunday morning after church as we drove into our driveway, I said, "Doesn't the porch look cute?"
My 15 year old responded, "It looks like a Raggedy Ann."
"Really?" I asked. I was met with silence from the rest of my bunch. Tactful silence? Hmmmmm.

A couple of days later my daughter came in the front door from running and I asked her, "Do you think the settee looks cute?"
Silence. Then, "It looks kind of tacky."

Ouch. Tacky? Raggedy Ann? Second guessing myself and wondering if my neighbors thought the same thing, I removed my raggedy, tacky pillows and old table cloth from the settee.

This is how my decorating goes. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't. I have a friend who has a great "eye" for getting it right all the time!
So since she and the fam are coming from NC to visit family for Easter and since they will be stopping at my house for a visit, I am going to borrow her "eye."

I think my "eye" is most often hampered by lack of funds. But maybe not. Because some people are able to decorate beautifully on a budget!
I guess my frugal "eye" is sometimes a little "Raggedy Annish."

Yes, I took pictures of my spring break porch but I think I'll wait to post those when I have an "after" to put with my "before."

Can you relate to my frugal frustrations? Can I get a witness?
Okay, I have "bravely" posted a picture of my Raggedy Ann Porch. It's different now though. I have a grapevine wreath on the door instead of the tin w/flowers. And the settee is bare. Pup is sitting in the kitchen smelling the coconut cake I am baking for Sunday. It has sugar in it but it's a holiday. A real one...not like Groundhog Day! So you be the judge. But if you are thinking, "Bless her heart..." then I know what that means!

Happy Easter. He is risen. Risen indeed!


  1. Hi Sister!

    Like your message. I'm not a huge decorating person :)

    Came by to wish you and yours a beautiful, blessed weekend in the LORD!

    Love ya.

  2. Amen Sista, I've got a witness here! I was laughing out loud as I read because that sounds EXACTLY like something my family would say to me. My husband has names for some of my outfits! I would probably love your porch, but what do I know? I say do what you like and let them laugh. I can't wait for the photo. Have a terrific weekend!

  3. I can't wait to see the before pictures! I hope you have a Happy Easter!

  4. How disappointing. I wanted to judge for myself, and now I have to wait until your check with your friend. I could relate to this whole story and sat here smiling as I read what you wrote. Oh, the things we learn from our daughters. I will be waiting to see the finished product. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  5. Okay, I do not think Raggedy Anne or Amish...what I do think is that I would enjoy sitting on it, with a hot cup of coffee and laughing together at how humble we are since we have daughters. My policy is...if I like it, it is my house, and I will keep it as I like it(sometimes). I am smiling the whole time I am writing this message, because I have found myself in this situation in life. Keep me posted.

  6. As a child I could see the checks reminding me of raggedy ann. It's to say nothing of decorating ability, just memory triggers...

    I think the teal would look awesome with red or orange (I think you have a bit of red on the door)

    I love the idea of using old pillows too. You could maybe just find some red (and I think a dark red, or cinnamon) pillow cases...

    Can't wait to see what your friend says...

  7. Stopped by to wish you Happy EASTER!

    Didn't read the post, but peeked at the pic. :)

  8. You have a witness!!!!! Decorating not my forte, i buy things matching LOL...you know if i see it in the store and it is all matched then I will buy I figure i can't go wrong...

    Coconut cake, yummy!!!

  9. Decorating is not my gig either. I'm not a big fan of plaid anything, so this wouldn't be my favorite decorating. BUT who are you decorating for? If you love it, keep it. As for me, I'd go with solids for the big area (the settee) and add your plaids in a small detail, like the pillow.


  10. I think it is great when our friends can help us with our decorating! My sister-in-law is very gifted in this area!

  11. Hi Melanie~ I'm glad you showed a picture - because you'd have us picturing all kinds of things on our own!

    I think it's "country cute" - and has lots of possibilities! And I totally relate to the budget hampering the remodeling!

    Have a great week! :-) Happy Easter, friend!!!

  12. Happy Easter, Melanie. He is risen indeed!

    I love your wicker settee find. Trash to treasure is my motto. I think given another go at the pillows and you have a winner! You gotta love the brutal honesty of youth. Good luck!!

    Easter blessings,

  13. Hi Mel! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter!

    Looking forward to seeing what your friend comes up with too. :)

    Much love to you!

  14. i am the queen of loving a great deal, so i am just in awe you got this for $40! plus, i love how one girl can find the good deals and another can make it look like a million bucks! what a great friend to have.