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Apr 17, 2009

Queen "Esthers" For the Day

Last night it was my privilege to be a guest at an Esther Bible Study. Alisa of Carolina Panache and I drove together and met some fabulous women who were open, vulnerable and loving Jesus. It was the concluding night of their Bible Study hosted by Gwen who happens to sound a lot like Beth Moore. Hmmmmm.

And, hey, I got to wear a crown! My friend, Linda, and I posed and waved our best beauty pageant waves. Linda is creative and thoughtful. She is a talented photographer and a missionary with a BIG heart for children. See her photos here: http://lindacharlene.blogspot.com/. She is traveling the globe so fast she makes my crowned head spin!
Do any of you get the show HomeKeepers on the Christian Television Network (CTN) in your area? If so, let me know. I have some fun news about that!


  1. I enjoy looking at your blog and thanks for stopping by ours!

  2. Okay, two things(at least) :) -- I just finished up the Esther study at my church -- loved it!! learned so much !!
    AND just this morning while going through the channels, I saw HomeKeepers listed on the guide. I went there briefly, but then got distracted and went off somewhere else. Soooo, I'm very interested to know more about it. Do tell....

    Thank, Mel -- love your blog. I have it listed on my blog under Blogs I Stalk....fun stuff!

    Gwyn Rosser @ http://www.gwynrosser.blogspot.com
    The Pink Tractor

  3. sounds like so much fun!!!

  4. We don't have cable or a dish for our TV, so I don't get CTN. But I'm curious about your fun news. Are you going to blog about it???

  5. Looks like you had too much fun! I've heard nothing but good things about the Esther study.

    Hope you are doing well!