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Apr 3, 2009

Word Walk & A Quiz to Identify Your Learning Style

Memorizing Scripture
I have just begun using a method I'm calling Word Walk to memorize scripture. I have found that I first need to read and reread (about 5 x) the scripture I have chosen. I pick the scripture prior to my walk/run time. If need be, I take the written scripture and carry it so I can refer to it. I like to make sure I get the wording exact.

Memorizing the scripture while walking soon turns to meditating on the scripture. Like I said, I have just begun doing this but I think it is something I can maintain! I try to walk/run 5 days a week. So even if I only memorize 1 verse per week that is 52 scriptures in a year! I can be happy with that.

Relax & Focus
Maybe it is the fresh air and movement that helps me concentrate. Focusing seems easier to me when I am outside without the distractions of my interior world. By distractions, I mean all of the dailies (homekeeping tasks) waiting on me. Perhaps it is simply the guilt free indulgence of combining 2 activities that are good for me that helps me relax and focus.
A Clue?
There is a specialized type of Jewish prayer called "davening" that may also be a key to why this method of memorization and meditation is working for me.
If interested, I'll share more about "davening" in another post. It goes back to King David's time!

Walk & Talk
I have shared before how I like to take a Walk & Talk. Word Walk is another aspect of that but with the purpose of memorizing the Word of the One with whom I talk...when I walk.

A Visual Learner
Being a visual learner, I have found that I need to see things first to learn and especially for memorization. I used to be in a performance choir and have also directed adult choirs as well as kids' choirs. Now, happily, I am just a choir member. I never learn music well unless I can see the actual notes and words. If a director gives out CD's for us to listen and learn, I can have every good intention of listening to it but I always get lost in my own thoughts and don't really even "hear" the music! But if I take the actual sheet music home and "read" through it a few times I can remember how the words and notes look on the page ~ the "thirds" the "naturals" the "oooh's & aaaah's" ~ a much easier way for me to learn new music.

Repetitive Movement
Now back to Word Walk. It seems the repetitive movement (kinesthetic) facilitates my visual learning style. I am so excited to have put these two things together because it has always been a challenge for me to memorize scripture.

If you have a tip that has helped you memorize scripture, please share it in a comment. Even if it doesn't work with my learning style, perhaps it will help someone else.

Take the Quiz
If you need help identifying your learning style, click on this link and take a quiz.
When you are on the site, scroll down and click on "the learning styles quiz." The quiz takes about 7 minutes. You can submit it and get your results back right away.


  1. I love this idea. The only truly effective way I have memorized scripture is setting it to music. Sometimes of my own making, more often scripture songs.

    I definitely want to know about "davening". Do tell! I'm going to take the quiz now... thanks for finding it.

  2. I am a kinesthetic and visual learner myself! The word walk is a great idea...except I get really sweatty when I run!Any special paper that I could use???

    I, too, want to hear about "davening!" Thanks Mel! Have a great weekend!


  3. For some reason, whenever scripture is put to music, it becomes very simple for me to memorize it. I am so often reminded of my teenage years when I was on my church's quiz team and memorized many chapters for competition. I can still recall what I memorized then. Now, at my age memorization seems to be more difficult. Perhaps it is because my mind is filled with so many details and information. I would like to hear about "davening". Great post!

  4. I'm a visual person as well and so many have also called me animated in a loving way. I am full of expression as my hubby says.

    I find that for memorizing Scripture I put myself into the Scripture. I make it "alive" for me. I typically read it twice and each time I put myself into the passage so that it becomes alive for me -- I see how I can apply it to my life and that further makes it alive to me.

    Thanks for sharing sweet sister. Have a blessed weekend.

  5. I can't wait until the weather warms up and I go for walks. I love this. I haven't intentionally set out to do it, but from time to time i have taken my index cards with me on a walk. Truly, the meditations were sweet and profound.

    I am visual too. I take notes to beat the band when I am listening. It is like transcribing for my eyes to remember more. I also find when I write, like my prayers, there is much activity coming into my heart, the Spirit speaks to me while I write.

  6. I am ok at memorizing scripture but I always forget where it is located. One a week is good especially if the meaning of the verse gets into you. Keep walking! B

  7. What a fun idea!! I have longed to just get outdoors and run which would actually be walking lately. I am looking for a daylight hour to do this.
    Sounds fun!!

  8. This is a great idea, Melanie!
    I also like to write scripture on paper and carry it in my pocket so I can refer back to it throughout the day. Initially I did this as a memorization tool, too.
    I think it's good to find some thing that "works" for you, and I trust it delights God that we are seeking ways to keep His word in our hearts. *grin*

  9. Hi Melanie,

    We seem to think alike. I write my scripture on a 3x5 card (or sometimes a 5x7 card) and then tape it to my bathroom mirror, the pantry door, and both my kids bathroom mirrors. I change them every so often, and have been doing this for years!

  10. I love this....thanks for sharing.

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  11. I love this idea. Used it first thing this morning. I am NOT a morning person at all! However, I have been working on discipline in my life. I have been getting up between 5:30 and 6:00 am to walk, then read my Bible, meditate, etc. Anyway, I have been looking for a way to start memorizing some more scripture.

    Any thoughts on how to remember the reference (where it is found in the Bible). That seems to be the hardest part for me. I can remember what's in the Bible, just not where it's found. Plus anything is easy to remember for a little while. How do you keep it in your mind for the long term? Any ideas?

    I definately want to hear about "davening!" Sounds intersting.

    Thanks for such a GREAT post with such great ideas! I'll be checking out your blog often. :)

  12. yes i'm a visual learner too! and i used to do that all the time (when I ran alone). now i have a bunch of running partners (sometimes we walk now, too). in my 20s my partner and i would memorize whole passages! thanks for sharing!!

  13. It is a great idea and wise use of time - combining two disciplines for "healthy" living into one. I'm working on doing both - walking and Scripture memorization, and when I can, I also try to combine the two. Thanks for the encouragement to keep on keeping on!

  14. That was so cool. I took the quiz.

    I would love to know more about Davening. please post on that.

  15. I forgot to tell you the quiz revealed exactly what I knew already, which is impressive for a quick quiz. I'm auditory/kinisthetic. : )

  16. WOWZA - I've just stumbled across your blog and LOVE this idea! I'm a walker myself and find that this would be a lovely way to reflect and learn while I'm walking! So glad you shared!!