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Aug 9, 2009

Shop Your Closet & Your Best Neckline

I wore another "shop my closet" outfit today! A few of the ladies at my church who read my blog have started asking me, "Is that a shop your closet outfit?" And a couple of women have told me they have been inspired to do the same thing. I'd rather be an inspiration than a terrble warning any day!

Here's the rundown on my not so new "new" outfit.

Skirt - Ann Taylor (new last year and, as always, on sale)

White Cami - Target last year (camis are a staple)

Blue Top - Shopped my Daughter's closet (came from the Gap)

Vintage Brooch (belonged to my MIL)

Shoes - favorite open styled, "nude" heels. These shoes are old but I treat them well and they return the favor.

I have a pair of white wedge sandals with a strap that would have worked with this outfit, but when I want to make my legs appear longer I wear a pair of heels that virtually disappear. Try it at home, you'll see what I mean. My daughter, whose legs are much longer and thinner than mine, looks great with ankle straps. In fact when she tries on my slingbacks they do not look nearly as cute on her. This is because she got her grandmother's very slender calves and slingbacks make her legs look like matchsticks. On the other hand, or leg, ankle straps make my legs look like cigars. And stubby cigar legs is not my idea of cute.

My best neckline is a Vee. I'm kind of busty so a classic crew neck is baaaaad on me.
You can see that the open expanse of neck gives me breathing room and that's a good thing.
Do you know what your best neckline is? Crewneck, bateau, Vee, scoop, square? Not sure?
For a very good resource for deciding which is your best neckline, click HERE.

Upclose and personal shot of shoes..See how the color and style kind of fade into the leg. This visually lengthens the leg.

And just so you can see the entire "shop my closet" outfit, rest your right ear on your shoulder and view the video. Can't do that? Sorry...I don't know how to fix it! And my 12 year old son got roped into helping Mom get these pictures taken for "Shop Your Closet." See our little pup in the corner. He posed for you. Notice his legs are crossed. We love him and he returns the favor.


  1. Great advice! I need to get better at this. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Great advice...
    Cleaning out my closet is on my TO DO list for tomorrow.....

    I will find some treasures....

  3. I LOVE that outfit! Love it! V-neck is best on me too.

    Once you shoot a video sideways, there is NO way to turn it. I learned that the hardway. :-)

    Cute pup!

  4. Ok, Melanie
    I need help. I have a closet full of clothes and little to wear. Maybe I will dig deeper and find something fresh. B

  5. You really do need to write and illustrate a book. I continue to learn so much from you, and I know others would too. My best neckline is a v-neck. Thanks for sharing. Funny thing is that last Sunday I wore an outfit almost like yours today, to church.

  6. Great outfit -- and I will say again, I love your hair --- so very cute ! I can't wear a crew neck either - ever - at all! I'm loving your "shopping your closet" series. I'm inspired.

  7. Awesome, awesome, awesome outfit!!

  8. You inspire me to dress better. I am a jeans and t-shirt girl. But I can still change them up. I don't like skirts on me at all. If I dress up, it's more like a pants suit.


    I love that neckline on you.

  9. Melanie, have you considered attending the Blogger's Retreat? B