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Aug 17, 2009

More True Confessions of a Closet Shopper ~ It's A Wrap

Again, I shopped my closet for what to wear to church yesterday. This dress is one of 2 that I own. Normally I buy separates because they are so much more versatile in that I can do a remix on the individual pieces. This particular style is the popular wrap dress and I have had this one for 8 years or longer. The wrap dress came about in the 70's and is flattering to most figures, especially those with some curves. It defines the waist and whittles the hips. It is also flattering to the upper body. Unless you are very thin with a boyish figure, the wrap will most likely be a flattering style for you.
Again with the hem length ~ The universally flattering length is from mid-knee to right below the knee. Just don't wear your hem at the widest part of your calf! And remember, the shorter your hem (once you get completely above the knee), the lower your heel height should be.
I heart the necklace I'm wearing. It was a gift from my BFF. You can't see the matching bracelet, but it's there!


  1. I think my wardrobe if filled with possibilities. You are an encouragement to go digging past the obvious. I have a dress, my all time favorite, that is 15 years old. I can't part with it! I have never had a dress look as good as this one did. The color is between purple and royal blue. The problem is I need to loose 10 to get in it. I altered the hemline to just below the knee. It is a classic. Obviously I am optimistic I will one day wear it again: ) I love the color of this wrap on you. B

  2. whoohooo! I love the dress - doesn't look 8 years old at all!

    And that short and sassy haircut! Watchout Tampa Bay area!!!

  3. I really like the dress. I have a skirt that I pull out of the closet from time to time that I have had for close to 20 years. It still looks brand new.