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Jan 4, 2011

My Spirit

Yesterday I shared that I am setting quarterly goals for 2011. I am still in the planning process of writing down the specifics of what I want to accomplish and how to get there. 
When setting goals, you want to go from broad to specific. In other words "Get Healthy" is a very broad goal. How do you plan to get healthy and how will you know when you have gotten healthy? 
You may naturally set objectives rather than goals. I think I do this because of my teacher training. Lesson plans are not complete without setting objectives that can be observed, proved, verified for students in the classroom.

I have already shared My Body quarterly goals.Today I am sharing My Spirit quarterly goals.

My Spirit 
1st quarter goals
Scripture Memory 2 verses/month (I am using a 4x6 index card flip book to record the verses I want to memorize.)
Daily Bible Study
“Essential Jesus” Bible reading plan in 100 days via www.youversion.com. Following is the description of the Bible reading plan I have chosen.
"In 100 carefully selected passages from the Bible you will discover who Jesus is and why he is so significant -- even life transforming. Through both Old and New Testament readings you will discover why God sent Jesus, what Jesus taught, how he treated people, why he did miracles, and the meaning of his death, the significance of his resurrection, and what the Bible says about his second coming."
I am reading through this plan a bit faster so that I can wrap it up by the end of March. Then I will re-evaluate for 2nd quarter and pick another Bible reading plan. 

A while back I asked you for Bible study suggestions. I have still not chosen a study but I am currently reading a few books that I am enjoying. 
I would like to lead a Bible study in my home but have not felt drawn to a particular study yet. "To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under Heaven" Ecc. 3:1. 

What about you? Are you writing down your goals, objectives, a theme or a word for 2011? 
Speaking of themes and words for the new year, the last time I chose a "word" for my year was 2009 and the word was Double. And oh my. We certainly experienced the Double. 2009 proved to be a nightmare of a year. A double nightmare.
On January 1, 2009, my husband had a serious snow ski accident and had 4 surgeries. His pay was cut. Then the company let go several employees due to the economy. My husband was one of them. He lost his job a week or so before Andrew was diagnosed with brain cancer in August. And you know the rest of the story. 

2010 was a year of grief and survival. I refused to think about a theme or scripture for that year. Looking back I believe 2010 was the year of my questioning, doubting, searching, and running back toward God to find out who God really is. 
I told Him, "You are not who I thought You were." 
I asked Him, "So, who ARE You?"
And, "What can I expect from You?"
And, "What do You want from me?"
I got my answers. It took some time. But He proved faithful.

This year I do not so much have a theme for the year as a MISSION. 
I'll share that soon.
In the meantime, I'd really like to hear about your dreams, goals, objectives for this new year!


  1. I remember you sharing your 2009 word and how you wouldn't be having a word for 2010, and have been blessed to watch from a distance the walk you've had with The Lord in 2010.

    This year, my word is "lean" - as in trimming the fat. Not sure yet what that means... except that it is to apply to every area of my life - spiritual, physical, home, time, thoughts... still waiting on The Lord's direction and instruction about it and what lies ahead.

    I'm kind of glad that 2010 is over. We're ready for a fresh start in the new life God has given us.

    Much love and continued prayers, Melanie~

  2. I just haven't given it much thought in specifics other than to say... I want to remain faithful to the truth I've been given about Jesus and to speak that truth boldly to others as occasions present themselves. I imagine I'll be unpacking many other worthy goals as time goes by... at least I hope to.


  3. I have started out the year with a fast trying to listen more than I talk. At first I was going to write down lots of questions for the Lord. He let me know that was not why He was leading me into this fast. I am supposed to seek Him and everything else will be added in His time and season. B

  4. You inspire me to get more organized with my goals, Melanie. I do have some general goals, and some specific steps to take, but I haven't thought them out very well. You've inspired me to try to do so. I think I will spend a little time this evening doing just that.

  5. What a journey. I'm thankful to laugh with you, cry with you, pray with you and give thanks with you. Who knew that blogging would invite such meaningful friendships? You are a gift.

  6. Thanks once again for your honesty....heard an interesting comment on the radio the other day...."God is not afraid to wrestle with us, we're afraid to wrestle with God. It's in those times we learn more about who God is." (I'm paraphrasing a bit)

    I wish I lived close enough to come to your house for Bible study!

    Excited to hear about your mission!

  7. I told Him, "You are not who I thought You were."
    I asked Him, "So, who ARE You?"
    And, "What can I expect from You?"
    And, "What do You want from me?"

    Oh Melanie...you took the words right out of my mouth. That was me in 1998-2000.