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Nov 16, 2010

Souffle All The Way!

Thanksgiving Dinner ~ 2008
Our Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey (baked, smoked or deep fried)
Cornbread/chicken dressing (My mother makes the BEST. This year the gauntlet has passed to me!)
Chicken and Dumplings
Sweet Potato Souffle (I always make this one.)
Greens ~ turnip greens or collard greens
Butter beans, black eyed peas or zipper peas
Various other sides...sometimes it's a broccoli/rice casserole or Texas Potato casserole or the green bean casserole (My sisnlaw makes this.)
Yeast rolls
Cranberry jelly (I have made a variety of cranberry dishes but it seems everyone at our table likes the "log" chilled and plopped out of the can.)
Pepper jelly ~ served with the dressing and peas (My momnlaw ~ in Heaven now ~ canned pepper jelly . Fortunately we still have a jar or two in my pantry.)
Buttermilk pie ~ I make this one and it's a must. But we usually have pecan pie (now made by my dad), and a cake, too (I like to make a carrot cake from The Total Woman Cookbook. It's fabulous!)

Buttermilk pie

Instead of posting my sweet potato souffle recipe, I'll just share a couple of things that I do that may be different.
First of all...I BAKE the sweet potatoes the night before. This makes it easy to peel them and it's one less step to take care of on Thanksgiving morning.
I also use half and half instead of whole milk or evaporated milk. Eggs ~  I add in the yolks with the other ingredients and then my last step before the praline topping (brown sugar/flour/chopped pecans) is to fold in the whipped egg whites. This gives it that "souffle" consistency.

Aside from the turkey, which dish makes it Thanksgiving dinner for you?

What is your favorite dessert at the end of the Thanksgiving meal?
Thanksgiving ~ 2007
Andrew (10 years old) and me...


  1. It all sounds so wonderful Melanie! I remember you posting the recipe for your buttermilk pie before and I printed it off. I still haven't tried it, but this might be the time!

    My grandmother's recipe for sweet potato souffle is also a favorite, but the one dish I can't go without on Thanksgiving is the wild rice (my contibution).

    Blessings to you!

  2. YOu are on the ball, chickadee!! That's what my post is about..and a few other things! We are working on the menu now and a must for our house is sweet potato "pie" aka "souffle"! And, I LOVE buttermilk chess pie! I might have to make that this year!

  3. Yummy! I can almost taste the buttermilk pie! I love pie..it's my fav!

  4. Well, since we usually eat with my inlaws it's pretty much a bust, as everything the fix tastes like tree bark! They mean well, but honestly, they're so darn healthy!I would say that turkey is by far the favorite part of my meal, especially when it's time for turkey sandwiches post Thanksgiving! I'll take a seat around your menu any day!


  5. Elaine, you made me laugh!!! Tree bark...that's just so wrong on Thanksgiving Day.