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Nov 12, 2010

A Little More of "Uncommon Women"

I got to speak to some wonderful women last night. For the gathering I prepared a new topic entitled "Uncommon Women."

In "Uncommon Women," the women I honor are those in UNCOMMON TIMES of UNCOMMON COURAGE with UNCOMMON FAITH.

Not only do we have the Biblical examples of women like Deborah, Esther, Mary (mother of Jesus) and Elizabeth, but if you look around, there are plenty of women that you know who are UNCOMMON.
In fact, it may be YOU!
Uncommon Women are:
~ called upon to live out a season that is UNCOMMON and not of their choosing.
~ digging deep to discover an UNCOMMON COURAGE.
~ developing an UNCOMMON FAITH that endures despite adversity.

Highlights from "Uncommon Women" ~

"She girds herself with strength and strengthens her arms" Proverbs 31:17.

We cannot see around the next corner, the next bend in the road of our lives. Perhaps your tomorrow will be an ordinary day. Common. But tomorrow someone will face hardship or heartbreak. Tomorrow someone's world will turn upside down and she will wish for an ordinary day ~ for "common times" to return. And perhaps, it is your strength that she will need until her own is renewed.
We never know when we will be called upon to face our worst fears, take up courage, gird ourselves in strength and just keep walking out our faith.
We all hope for and revel in those days of calm, in which the waters of our lives provide for smooth sailing and we are untouched by tragedy and sorrow. But those other days--the days of trial by fire are the ones, that if we are willing, refine us as gold.

It is in those seasons that in our very weakness, the power and strength of Christ Himself manifests in such a way that people do not see you, but Christ IN you ~ that your life becomes less about you and more about Him who purchased you.

Esther was a woman who lived in UNCOMMON TIMES. From an orphan to a queen, she was a nobody who became a somebody ~ a common, ordinary kind of woman whose courage in uncommon times revealed her to be quite extraordinary and uncommon.
Her elder cousin Mordecai's rhetorical question, "Who knows that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" has reverberated through the ages to inspire godly women over and again.

For a real life example of an "uncommon woman," visit Elaine at http://www.peaceforthejourney.com/

Deborah and Jael were partnered in a moment in history which required UNCOMMON COURAGE.

(to be continued...)


  1. Very insightful and encouraging.

  2. So encouraging, Melanie. Thank you.

  3. I really don't know what to say, Melanie, because here's the real deal... today I feel so common and confused and completely out of sorts! I will say this about "preparing" for the uncommon:

    What we do today... the deliberate ways we invest into our hearts and faith... is the seeding of what we'll need in our tomorrows. Let none of us wait for the waves to hit before our asking for a stronger measure of faith; let's work on it now while peaceful waters roll. Then when the storms blow in, we're better anchored for its blow.

    Not unshaken or frightened, but simply anchored.

    I think you, better than the rest of us, are well-qualified to talk about uncommon women. You are and have been a hero to all of us over the last year. We adore your heart, and I know that God will use your strength, valor, witness, and faith to move mountains for others in the days to come.

    Keep to it...


  4. After reading the post and then the comments - I suspect a precious gift has been given in Blogland - where one heart of a hurting woman reaches out to another hurting woman to help them through the next leg of the journey - one that might be a bit steep. God is faithful in the connections He's made here.

    I was praying for you today and came to see how you were doing. God answered. You are doing what He called you to do - through easy times and hard times. Thanks for investing yourself in His kingdom purposes!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie
    PS: still reading the Psalms with you!

  5. Thought it would be good for me to finally finish off the reading which actually was the beginning..I just ended at the third and worked my way back...((hugs))