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Nov 16, 2010

Breaking Heart

Look at my sidebar and see Britt and his mother, Gina on her wedding day this summer. Britt is Gina's only child.
My heart is breaking for my friend and her son.
Britt has a type of brain and spine cancer. He is 15 years old and was diagnosed last September.
Last fall he met Andrew at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL, while Andrew was recovering from brain surgery. Britt has endured treatment, including chemo drugs, radiation and clinical studies.
Gina and I knew each other while both students in college in the 80's.
We reconnected when she learned of Andrew's diagnosis.
I remember at the viewing of Andrew's body last December that Gina stood in line. When she got to me, we hugged and retreated to talk.
I remember telling her, "Gina, don't let what has happened to Andrew affect your faith in God."
We have stayed in touch and I drove to Tampa one day to sit with her while Britt had chemo through an IV.
She has been so very strong. Gina is truly a warrior mother.
This picture is from today. She posted it on FaceBook so I feel free to post it here.

Gina and her strong and beautiful son, Britt
Britt needs prayer.
Gina needs prayer.

While I don't understand why some are healed and some are not...this side of Eternity, I do believe God DOES still heal today.
So I'm asking that you take 30 seconds and ask God to perform a miracle for Britt.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Yes. Heartbreaking is the word. I've been praying. I'll pray now.

  2. Oh Melanie I have prayed and will continue for sure...it's just soo sad.

  3. Storming the heavens for both Britt and Gina and also for you as you continue to love and support them!

  4. Joining you right now in praying for Britt and Gina.

  5. Oh Melanie....My heart is breaking too. I will be in prayer for Britt. Believing with you my friend!


  6. Sweet Friend,

    I laid my hands on the screen, closed my eyes and prayed my heart out...I will continue to pray for the Lord's divine miracle to manifest itself over and within Britt's entire body in the precious name of Jesus. God's will shall be done.

    Despite the terrible circumstances that he has been dealing with, we never give up HOPE because our faith, belief and trust remains in Him and His miracles of yesterday, today and tomorrow...so I intercede, believe and receive a mighty miracle for Britt in the precious name of Jesus Christ. All praise, honor and glory are yours Almighty Father forever and ever more.

    I love you my friend.


  7. Tears in prayer for Gina and Brit - and you.

  8. I lifted my hands to Heaven in prayer for Britt and his family...will continue to do so!

  9. Praying for Brit and his mom. Also continue to pray for you.....Mickey

  10. I promise prayer for both of them....sad...

  11. And my heart breaks as well... prayers.


  12. joining the blogosphere in prayer for a miracle. praying through tears and a broken heart. xoxo

  13. A few minutes ago while I was reading your hair post I wondered how Britt was doing. After scrolling down my blogroll I see this post. I have asked for what only God can do. Thanks for sharing this Melanie. My prayers are with Gina also. Love to u and your family, B

  14. I just read this today and prayed for Gina and Britt. Gina is blessed to have you for a friend:)