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Nov 17, 2010

Hair's My Secret

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

I totally drop my guard if you brush my hair. Hair brush optional.

It all started when I was a little girl. Forget tea parties. I preferred playing beauty shop.

I was a bald baby and Mother says that when I finally got enough hair for her to gather up into a swirl for a little bow, my big brother cut it off!

Well I’m a big girl now and I still like to play beauty shop. Of course I always want to be the customer.

While in college, my roommate, Angie, fixed my hair for my dates and for special occasions. Heaven ~ I was in Heaven. Angie had a way with hot rollers and a rat-tail comb. And I did forgive her for giving me the high hair that one time. That North Carolinian, whose mama went weekly to have her own hair washed, combed and set, could backcomb with the best of 'em. (Whoever 'em are.)

College Hair ~ Angie's "work"
 I remember the first time I met Angie’s mother. She drove from Henderson, NC, to Cleveland, TN, and the first words I ever heard out of Mrs. Duke's mouth were as southern as sorghum on a biscuit, “I declayah, that cahr ride ruined mah hayah.”

And I don’t even care if you make my hair look good, just do something to it and I am under your spell all yours.

If my husband plays with my hair, I’ll even watch a football game with him. The other night I scooted closer to him and said, “Just do anything to my hair.”

And then I “discussed” the football game with him. I even guessed who was playing by the color of their uniforms ~ The Steelers.

Sure, I may have called them The Philadelphia Steelers but props to me for coming so close.

When we took our road trip a few weeks ago, we stayed with friends. The first night there I was admiring their oldest daughter’s beautiful hair. And then she made me her  customer friend for life when she casually asked if I wanted her to fix my hair.

My daughter caught the gleam in my eye and smirked. Then she answered for me.
“She’s always trying to get one of us to play beauty shop.

She brushed; she smoothed; she curled.

She asked questions.

I answered questions.

We laughed.

I may have shed a tear.

We bonded over the barrel of a curling iron.

Beauty shop puts me in such a relaxed state that I have to be careful not to make promises I may or may not be able to keep.

Last night in a “hair brushing stupor” I raised hopes for a biscuit and sausage gravy breakfast for this morning.

Oops. (We were out of sausage.)

Avery & Me (I even try to recruit him for "beauty shop.")
He'll do a lot for a sausage and gravy biscuit breakfast.
I owe him.


  1. You make me laugh. Beauty shop, indeed : )

  2. haha I enjoyed this...I am a frustrated hair stylist myself...In fact, my sister is going to let me cut her hair on Sat. afternoon and I am giddy with anticipation. I did my daughter Melody's hair all through high school every chance she'd give me. It was to her waist and long, layered, and super curly and I would blow dry it straight...took me an hour sometimes...if they'd had flat irons in those days it would have been soo much easier, haha....She is 24 now and she will still let me do her hair sometimes. Too bad you don't live closer, I'm always looking for another head...haha Have a good day. HUGS

  3. Oh my gosh girl, can I ever connect..Seriously Melanie, DO you know the reason why I have done daycare for so long? Can you guess? LOL..

    Actually today, the children decided to get the Dr. Kit Center out and play, 'hairdresser'. Guess who they worked on! ?..lol. I didn't even mind when the 17 month old tried to stick the 'needle' in my ear a few times..

    I call it,,'just pet me'..LOL The sad thing is, my hubby HATES to touch my hair..I told him what was I thinking when I married him,,LOL..

    The pic of you girl...It was really wild..the resemblance of Andrew...I even clicked on the picture to get a closer look...

    I have always said, if I was a millionaire, I would get a hairdresser to do my hair every day,,lol..Just comb it, I don't care..SIGH..I find it SOOOOOOOOOOO relaxing and soothing!

  4. I loved this! My husband knows when I've had a lousy day to go get my hairbrush. I love that guy.

  5. You are funny! Phoenix has good hair weather Melanie. Humidity makes my hair look like an old fashion mop over my head! Yours seems to do well in spite of FL's humidity. You are a true beauty shop girl!

  6. Melanie, you are so tender and sweet. Your words are beautiful and evocative. Your strength and courage are inspiring. You're gorgeous, inside and out. Keep talking. We are all listening.

  7. I don't know why, but this post reminded me of when my girls were little and always wanted to play beauty shop but wanted me to be the customer. There cubby fingers around the brush, banging my head with it, and ripping it through my hair was anything but soothing. But ah, it is a good memory. And they even got "daddy" to play and I have a photo of him with 100s of little barrette clips in his very short military haircut. Precious. Thanks for the memories!

  8. Oh Mel!

    We really have something in common! There is nothing more relaxing for me then having my hair done.

    I now pay my granddaughters to brush and style Grammy's hair!! (No kidding!)

    I could sit forever! And I'll watch a game to have my legs and feet rubbed.

    Gota do whatcha gota do!

    This was fun.

  9. Your hair style fits you beautifully, and I know it did way back when the other picture was taken too. I like the color and style you wear now, and Averys.