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May 19, 2010

It's Time...Before & After Pics

Before & After pictures below. Thanks, Susan! You're the BEST!!!

I like the sticker on the bathroom mirror at Susan's shop. It says:

"There's A Cool Chic in the Mirror."


It's time...(time for what answered at bottom)

It was picture day for the kindergarteners. I lived in Pascagoula, MS, and my teacher's name was Mrs. Dot. According to my School Records Book, my favorite activity was "saying ABC's."

For picture day, Mother cut my hair. I think she may have used her pinking shears on the bangs and I'm pretty sure she pulled out her pink rat tail comb to tease a little pouf on top.

Not Kindergarten

First Grade
(Workin' my Brooke Shield eyebrows!)

It was picture day for the first graders. I still lived in Pascagoula, MS, but now my teacher's name is Miss St. Pe (pronouced "Pay"). I got a "satisfactory" check mark in everything except "silent reading." That one needed "improvement." My favorite activity was "lerning." 'Guess I had a little more lerning to go.

For picture day, Mother cut my bangs. Short. At least they're straight.

Miss St. Pe

Not First Grade

It's time for a haircut!

Tomorrow is haircut day! I'll post a before and after.


(Sorry, Jen, I couldn't resist texting about the pixie!)

Another After

The Back

I love this pup!

The End


  1. can you get one for me too?!?!? I STILL haven't gotten one after my Monday rant!

  2. You were a cutie! Isn't it fun to look back on those old hair days? I still remember kindergarten picture day. I cried until mom let me wear my favorite dress. The one I insisted on wearing every other day of the week! That little red and black check will never let me live it down.

    Can't wait to see the new 'do, Melanie.

  3. Mrs. St. Pe had some rocking hair! Wow! Woot!

    You are beautiful no matter what. Always.

  4. Whatcha gonna do Melanie? I'm always too chicken to try anything completely new. You are gorgeous the way you are!!

  5. I love your little girl pics:) And your teacher...wow that's some hair:)!!!

  6. Such a fun post...an inspiring idea for sure. I may have to dig out a few more pictures and do some comparing to photos of Benjamin now. I don't think I'll find much resemblance yet, he sure looks like his daddy!

    I hope things are well with you Melanie. Your family is always in my prayers sweet sister!

    God's blessings to you all!

  7. I see your children in your pictures of days gone by and in your current years as well. You have shared your genes. And YES, we all want to see the new you.

  8. Oh and I might add--you have beautiful children and so if A=B and B=C than A=C Beauty runs in the family.

  9. Very cute post and pictures. It seems that your mom improved her cutting skilz that year- or maybe you held more still??? ha ha. I kind of like the big hair on the teacher, btw! ;-)

    Have fun tomorrow. Can't wait to see it...
    Still praying for you all...

  10. You always make me smile. No matter what you do, you are beautiful sis. I love you.

  11. Cute pics of you and your teacher! I think I had some teachers with those very same hair dos!

    Thanks for making me smile.


  12. I like your hair long but you know what you like. I think Andrew looks more like you and Audra and Avery favor their father with a look of you there as well. Beautiful family.

  13. I'm in need of a hair cut too..keep putting it off..lol

  14. Your son Andrew looks remarkably like you in those pictures!
    I need a haircut, too. I just don't have time right now.

  15. Looks like Mrs. St. Pe did some teasing of her own.

  16. Super cute! I wonder where those school days photos of mine are?? and the oh-so-stylish teachers from my youth:)

  17. You look fabulous, Darling!

    I love the back. And the doggie accessory! Now I know I need to visit my stylist.

  18. What a fun post! I have always liked before and after pictures. Your new haircut looks great! I am still smiling at what you said regarding your mother using the pinking shears to cut your bangs. Great sense of humor.

  19. Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are GORGEOUS! Now, I want to be as brave as you. I need to get my hair cut!!

  20. Sure cute, Melanie, I would love your hair.

  21. Workin the pixie! Your little girl hair was so cute. I think, I cut my own hair on picture day once. ;) Not so cute! Recently, I repeated the same mistake...didn't work for me this time either. (Note to self) Stop cutting your own hair!!

    As always, you are lovely!

  22. Your hair has looked great in each picture. I love your new cut though! Adorable!

  23. Melanie,
    It is so cute ~~ I LOVE it!!!

    Have a Blessed weekend,

  24. It almost makes me brave enough to venture out and get a serious haircut! ALMOST... I'm a slow mover from the old styles, but your pic is motivating me to at least consider it! :)

    I love it on you!!

  25. I love haircut day! Your hair looks fresh and light, ready for summer. B

  26. Hey Mel,
    I like the new haircut. Very flattering and young - a perfect cut for Summer. I had my hair cut on the 15th. Very short for me - barely covers my neck and Karman cut it assymetrical - first time I've had that done - Doug loves it - it's very easy - I'll have to send a picture. Did you also lighten it or is that the sun? Wish I was there - I'd make Sand Key my daily destination too - so relaxing. Looks like you are having fun - I am happy about that. Love ya - Alisa

  27. I enjoyed my visit. Love your photos! Blessings to you and your precious family.

  28. Cute pictures! My first grade picture is very similar to your kindergarten one. I had the same uneven bangs!

    I like your new hairstyle, and Ted is so cute!

  29. Adorable pictures...love to journey through time with pictures...so many beautiful memories.

    I love your new haircut!!


    PS: I have an urgent prayer request at arise 2 write.

  30. Enjoyed this fun post. You look great for summer. My hair cut is Thursday..I can't wait. :) Still pray for you. Think of you lots too.

  31. This was such fun to see you over the years! I too had those bangs throughout my younger years. They are still there but hopefully cut a bit more stylishly (is this a word?).

    I love your new haircut Melanie. It will be cooler for the summer months. I love the way the back falls too. Very attractive on you.

    Blessings and love,

  32. I dare not look at my young ics, hated my hair then. By 18 I seem to have the same hair do till now.. more or less just some minor changes. Guess as we get older we them short, less hassle. Anyway you look great.