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May 12, 2010

MY DESK ~ It's Under There SOMEwhere

I have a confession to make. Although our 1960's home is sorely lacking storage space, most of my home is well organized. (Just don't open the linen closet.)
However, I feel that my husband and daughter may be plotting an intervention regarding my cluttered desk and surrounding area.
Every inch is covered in cards, projects, pictures, a receipt or two or twenty, cd's and books. Oh and lots of "notes to myself."
If you have ever sent me a card, chances are it is at my fingertips as we "speak."

And to my slight embarrassment I am posting pictures of this train wreck because my goal is to get "my area" organized and looking good AND make my family PROUD.

When a guest walks into our front door, they enter a small foyer and then, most often, they make a right into our "keeping room" which is where "my area" is fully exposed. (To the left is a hallway leading to the living room.)

Now if "my area" were to be say, chic, stylish or even cute, then all would be well. BUT IS IS A WALL OF SHAMEful CLUTTER.
Here. I'll show you.
Broken desk drawer...it works but, apparently I am the only one who can open and close it without spilling its contents.
There is my new canvas from The Chubby Dove...can't wait to hang it somewhere on this wall.
The Walk to Emmaus (leaning against the file cabinet) is another special print by artist, Betty Shoopman. She is a friend of BHisGirl. (You can find Betty in the sidebar at BHisGirlblogspot.) Andrew was able to enjoy this print, as well as be covered often in the blue and gold prayer shawl from B.
I took the print from its home on another wall and am going to reorganize my walls, too.

Beach bag at the ready...
Bible resting on the computer brain...and wires, wires, wires

Just for those of you who like some details (like I do):
desk was a freebie in a brown stain which gave it an Early American look (which I really don't like); husband painted it and distressed it a few years ago; daughter says desk is "distressed" because it is so unorganized
chair was a great buy in the back room CLEARANCE section of Haverty's; just happened to already match the desk
cushion & pillow probably came from Marshall's
filing cabinet does not match but holds lots of stuff: teaching notes, school papers, gift wrap ribbon (b/c I can't throw it away)
cubby storage was an attempt to help corral more stuff
mirror over desk was a genuis move because it allows me to have "eyes in the back of my head"

(Link is to a Southern Living video on home offices)

So...my challenge to myself is to clean up the clutter and without spending any money, make "my area" chic, cute or charming...or, at the very least, unCLUTTERED.
Too bad I can't make that happen at the beach! (Have you tried grapefruit flavored Tic Tacs? Really good.)
Audra said she would help me with "my area." Maybe then my desk won't be in such "distress." She and I are working on becoming Beach Bums. We've got the magazines and the snacks!

The picture that is peeking above my coffee cup is of Andrew when he dressed like Woody for Halloween. Avery, his brother, was Buzz Lightyear.
I love this little pardner. I miss him terribly. We spent a lot of time together. I think of those times every day and I am so grateful that I had so much time with him.
One more morning...one day closer.

Bonus video: Tilt your head to the right.
Audra and I don't just read magazines and eat snacks at the beach, we also make serious documentary type videos. Watch. You'll see.
P.S. That's Audra's thumb.


  1. You can do it....It will look great when you are done...blessings, andrea

  2. You girls look great and I am happy you get to enjoy the beach.

    With the two of you organizing your room it shouldn't take too long, I am looking forward to seeing the "after" shot.

    Have a great day.......:-) Hugs

  3. Woo Hoo, you can declutter it sis. I love you.

  4. What a great video! I love it and I know if you had that much fun making the video imagine the fun it will be organizing and decluttering :) woohoo! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

    Love and hugs

  5. Melanie,
    First of all, you are a cutie PA-TOOTIE! I love your little beach outfit and swimmie! Audra's swim cover up is cute too!

    2nd - your desk isn't horrible to all of us. It looks absolutely normal. But I know you will feel so much better with it organized. Can't wait for the AFTER picture!!!

    3rd - I have NO IDEA what you said in the video, but you have a great spanish accent! Very convincing! :)

  6. Melanie! You look sexy in your beach attire! Maybe it's the accent :)

    Your office space definitely has potential. I can see a lot of style under there somewhere. I can't wait to see the after photo.

  7. You're so silly! Your video made me laugh. :)

    I was expecting your area to be much more of a disaster from your description. It's really not that bad, and I'm a neat nick.

    Wish I could help you. I LOVE to organize. We could get it done quick and then could go to the beach. Woo!

  8. That whole cleaning thing might be over-rated.

    I've been planning to simplify and clean/throw out since 2000. There is always something to do or somewhere to go with the people I love instead. But...maybe THIS is the summer!! I know that I'd be happier with less stuff. I'm with you on this!!

  9. My desk is worse than yours. Luckily, however, mine is behind closed doors. But way worse.

    The picture of little Andrew is the cutest! I know you must miss him dearly each and every day.

    Enjoy bumming it with your girl! Sounds like lots of fun on the beach! And your video was crazy.

  10. too cute! you look like a kid!!

    the office will be fun to organize... it will make you feel good, and then you can go right back to the beach...

  11. I know it's gonna look great!! I laughed at your video...great accent pretty chica!!

  12. Hi Melanie,
    Well, I have no idea what you said in your video, but it was so cute!!! You and your daughter are so fun. I love that you spend so much time at the beach together.

    That is an adorable picture of your Andrew.

    Good luck with the organizing. You have great stuff to organize around ~~ LOVE that desk!!! Happy organizing and let us know how it turns out.

    Love you,

  13. If you are anything at all like me you will get that area all organized and pulled together and looking good in no time at all and then wonder WHY in the world you didn't do it LONG ago. "Sometimes" I just LOVE a project like this. I am looking forward to seeing the final pictures....the video is cute. Soo happy for you that you and your daughter have SUCH a great relationship. HUGS

  14. Yes I would choose the beach ANY day of the week of organizing my desk!!! And BTW you are one hot mama especially when you talk like that.....:))))))

  15. Your desk isn't bad at all! But it will be such fun to have an organized space.....it always makes me feel so much more productive. Speaking of, I need to be productive and sign off the computer!

    Love the picture of Andrew - I will think of you and him when Toy Story 3 comes out this summer! (love those movies!)

  16. Hi Melanie, love your posts, you and Audra are 'da bomb! And the painting with the momma and babies is just the best. What a precious gift. It brought tears to my eyes.
    love you,

  17. The picture of Andrew is adorable! He looks so handsome in his cowboy outfit. The beach looks wonderful and warm. I can see why you visit often. Hope you able to enjoy many more days there.


  18. I love it that everytime I stop by your blog I leave with a smile!!

  19. lol, That is so cute! I can't even show you my computer room. If I lived at the beach, I'm sure I would love it too, even though I sunburn. Love and Hugs ~

  20. Your clutter is nothing compared to Hoarding: Buried Alive show. I know you'll tackle that area and make it beautiful, just like you. Enjoyed your video. I have no idea what you said, but hey, it sure sounded good.

    Hugs from cold Colorado. Longing for that beach again.

  21. I like the realness and the honesty with which you use to create your blog posts. I smiled as I saw the pictures and read down through this. Without a doubt, I know you all will transform this desk area in such a clever fashion. But, first things first...beach time with your daughter. The perfect way to spend a few days. Have fun...the desk area will wait:)

  22. I just loved your serious documentary! You crack me up!! Precious! Glad y'all had fun at the beach...and don't worry about the clutter. We all have it somewhere in our house!