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May 28, 2010

Mad Dog & A Win~Win

Very early in the morning...last Sunday morning, our alarms went off at 4:45. We arose in the dark, dressed and drove our girl to Madeira Beach for her first triathlon. She swam in open water for a 1/2 mile, biked 15 miles and ran a 5k in the Madeira Beach Mad Dog Triathlon.

Before it began...

The swim ~ She's the one in the white cap!

Transition from biking to running

Afterwards with Dad

With Mom
Saturday night we were sitting in the living room discussing our game plan for the Mad Dog Triathlon when this exchange ensued.
My husband: "Audra's built for triathlons."
Me: "What am I built for?"
Son: "Making sandwiches."
Wamp, wamp, wamp, waaaaaamp.

Sunday morning my husband left me with the car so he could help Audra set up her bike.
I had my first cup of coffee on the 25 minute drive. And I brought our giant Tervis tumbler filled with ice water.
I waited and waited, finished my coffee and sipped on the water.
And then I held it and held it. Know what I mean, Vern?
We were parked in a dentist's office parking lot. I got out to cross over to the Winn Dixie. Not open 'til 7:00. It was 6:15. CVS - not open 'til 8:00. I walked a little ways to the staging area for the triathlon in search of a porta potty. Desperation had set in. Ah....yes! Porta potties! Ah....no way. A long line of triathletes waiting their turn.
So I high tailed it (pun intended) back to our car. What to do? What to do? Bushes...too public. Knock on a stranger's door? Too embarassing. (Yes, more embarassing than the bushes!)
Look in the back seat for something. Anything. Another Tervis tumbler. But it was the regular size not a giant one. And I drank a lot of water.
Let's see. A tumbler and a beach towel. What would MacGyver do? Forget MacGyver. I didn't have a rubber band anyway. What does a desperate woman with a full bladder do?
A glance at my watch. 30 more minutes 'til the Winn Dixie opens.
I opened the back door of the car. If I scrunch down and cover up with the towel and...
"What are you doing?" My husband! Yes!
"Well, I was about to tee tee in a Tervis tumbler."
"Get in. There's a McDonald's around here."
So I didn't have to use the Tervis and I got a sausage biscuit for breakfast.
Win ~ Win


  1. Now thats funny.......way to go Audra.
    Happy Memorial Weekend......:-) Hugs

  2. You go Audra. You made me smile sis, love you.

  3. Oh Melanie, this was hillarious. I could almost feel your angst! Too funny! You made my day brighter by this story. Oh to be as athletic as Audra. Good for her! whoot! whoot!

  4. Haha, what a visual! Is being built for a triathlon used in the same way as having child bearing hips? The doctor means well but you have to wonder...

  5. First I must commend your daughter on her courage and accomplishements. I am happy for her. Second, you are indeed hilarious. I am visualing you running around like a monkey with out a head. heehee :)

    Bless you and family.

  6. Congratulations to your daughter!

    So glad your DH was able to find adequate accommodations for your sandwich making self...

    Cute post!

  7. That's way too funny . . .but not really . . .I've been there! I'm glad it all worked out! Well, laughter is the best medicine.

  8. Been there...also almost done that!! Too funny and kudos to Audra on her hard work.

  9. What a daughter to be proud of! That is such an inspiration & she looks great, too.

  10. Okay, that was a funny! Tee tee is a turvis tumbler. Your hubby saved the day!

    Andra is amazing! I couldn't ride a bike or run after swimming. Can you say chaffing!?!?!? But I did check out couch to 5K and am pontificating on the subject.

  11. hahaha Now that was pretty funny...there really is nothing worse than to be soo desperate you might find yourself considering such a thing. Glad your hubby got there just in time, haha...What a neat thing for your daughter to do. Good for her...Have a wonderful Memorial Day week-end Melanie...HUGS

  12. VERY funny story. Reminded me a bit of Sandra Bullock in the movie,
    "Two Weeks Notice." Thanks for the morning laughs!

  13. Mel...you are a hoot!

    What an accomplishment for Audra!!! Go girl go!

    So glad your honey came to the rescue... breakfast and a potty! Guess that's what he's made for huh!! ;)

    Bless you my friend

  14. Funny story. Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures. Good thing hubby was there to save the day. :)

    Thanks for putting my button up on your blog!!


  15. OH GIRL, you crack me up with this one. The thought of you.....anyway, so funny.

    Your girl and the triathlon..so cool. I would love to...naaa whom I kiddin...I'm built for sandwich making. Chuckle..

  16. Hilarious!! I have SO been there before! Three children are a blessing but they do a number on those muscles and it presents itself at the most inappropriate times!! Congrats to Audra - what an accomplishment!

  17. That "pee pee" story is just too funny! Haven't we all been in that situation before. Your daughter is my hero! I'm not sure I could get through one leg of the race :)