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Apr 24, 2009

Two Conversations

Two Conversations in Two Days

First Day/First Conversation
The first was with a 16 year old girl, a student of mine, who brought over a book to my desk after class. It was a book about how having s*x outside of marriage has devastating consequences.

We talked about how some girls know it is wrong or at least have been told it is wrong but haven't necessarily been told why. She told me that prior to reading the book, she understood that the consequences were 1)pregnancy and 2)std's.

But then she found the passage in the book that spoke more to her than the first two reasons. She said the authors explained how s*x outside of marriage actually changes the brain chemistry.
I added that even if the couple who had s*x before marriage then went on to marry one another, that there was still damage done and consequences to deal with. I concluded with how the wisdom of God is for our protection ~ both spiritual and physical.

We continued to talk and I encouraged her to read the book carefully and learn from it so that she could, hopefully, influence other teens with this message of truth.

I heard a lie this week about this very subject. On a noontime show, there was a segment with two women. One was a well-spoken and strong supporter of abstinence. The other was touting her book about the "outdated and dangerous notions of virginity." It was obvious to me that this articulate young woman had fallen prey to the EVE TRAP ~ trading the truth for a lie.

Second Day/Second Conversation

The second conversation was with another teenager who says she obsesses with "body issues." Perhaps a distorted body image? I related some of my struggles with body issues. Do we all have those? I would venture to say we have all dealt with them at one time or another.

I am all for being the best version of myself I can be but in a healthy pursuit not an obsessed one. Recently I posted about losing 22 pounds. I lost 16 over a 4 month period last year and the rest in the past 3 months. I do feel better and I think I look better. It's definitely easier to get dressed because, for the most part, it becomes a non-issue.

But what makes a young woman believe she is "less than" if she is not her "ideal self" physically? For that matter what makes a 40ish woman feel the same way?

I submit that some of us have fallen into the Eve Trap. We believe a lie. We see someone whom we think has it all together, especially physically, and we believe we compare unfavorably. Why? Is it the media and airbrushed photography that is to blame? Is it the voice of the past that teased us about braces, acne, glasses, height, or a big bu++?

Why do we choose to take to heart the negative comments over the positive ones? If we're told we're pretty, or smart or talented, why do we hesitate to believe those comments?

A couple of years ago in a Bible study group I was co-teaching, an Italian woman shared how her family never told her she was pretty for fear of the "malocchio." The "malocchio" or "evil eye" was said to be caused by the bad thoughts of other people ~ especially envy. She explained that in her Italian culture, her family didn't tell her she was pretty and dressed her in the plainest of clothing lest someone envy her "prettiness" and cast upon her the curse of the "malocchio."

While it seems her family was trying to protect her from the evil eye, they inflicted another evil. This lovely woman never believed she was beautiful! Never believed she was cute or pretty or good-looking or attractive.

So what about the Eve Trap? Eve's enemy, our enemy, wanted to destroy humankind. Wanted to put man & woman under a curse of death and destruction.

The Creator spoke truth to Adam & Eve. Eve discounted truth to believe a lie. I believe we do the same today. We discount the truth and believe the lie.

And the truth is, the father of lies is the accursed. We are the blessed. We are the beautiful. We are daughters of Truth. Let's believe it. Let's speak it. Let's model it for our sisters of all ages.

So if you find yourself tempted to believe a lie, I'm asking you to take a 4 day challenge. Everytime you think a negative thought about yourself or someone else for that matter, say aloud, if possible, "I reject that thought." Then counteract the negative thought with a positive and truthful statement. Do it for 4 consecutive days. Again, if you are able to speak the truth aloud, do it. There is power in speaking out. Even if you are the only one who hears it. Maybe especially if you are the only one who hears it.

If this resonates with you, let me hear about it. I have it on my heart to speak about these heart issues in the Life & Style By God's Design conferences. Go here to read the session description of Guard Your Heart.

Apr 23, 2009

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss

Bella~Mella reporting on weight loss...

You may have noticed in my sidebar that I have an article slated to appear in August on the Proverbs 31 online section "Every Day Life." I wrote this article last spring and submitted it to P31. The article is entitled, "The Summer of My Blueberry Cobbler."

(Hello! Anyone else remember the book, "The Summer of My German Soldier"? I read it in middle school.)

Now my article has nothing to do with a German soldier but everything to do with blueberry cobbler!

You'll have to read it to find out why.

January 2008 I figured out an eating plan that was do~able, pain~free and helped me lose 16 pounds. I have kept off the weight and since recently removing sugar and chips from my diet, I have lost 6 more pounds!

So I thought I'd share with you some of my healthy snacks and tips that have worked for me.


1/4 cup of raw nuts

1/2 cup of Greek yogurt with a swirl of honey (Delicious! Really.)

frozen blueberries, thawed slightly, with a swirl of real whipped cream (To me Land O Lakes is the best and I get it in a 3 pack at Sam's. I know it has a little sugar but it's minimal.)

Cucumbers sliced lengthwise, sea salted, dipped in hummus (I like Sabra classic hummus.)
What I like for breakfast~

Whole grain waffle or 1/2 of a sourdough English muffin toasted with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and sliced bananas (Favorite English Muffin - Bays sourdough)

My homemade smoothie with blueberries

1 fried egg (Spray the pan.) on 1 piece of toast

2 eggs fried, no bread

1 piece of Ezekial bread, toasted with a bit of butter.

The lunch that helped me lose weight last year~

1/2 sandwich, 9 baked tostitos with fresh salsa (I saved the other 1/2 portion of tostitos for an afternoon snack.) I rarely deviated from this lunch. My variety came at dinner time.

Tips for dinner~

Biggest portion came from vegetables or a salad

Smallest portion came from carbs like 1/2 baked potato

Meat portion was less than veggies but slightly more than the carb

Portion control. Portion control. Portion control.

Other strategies that helped me~

Food journal ~ which I had never before been successful in keeping but this time I went over 30 days and I credit that a great deal to my success. I kept a daily calorie count.

Prayer ~ Before I decided on how to lose weight, I prayed that God would direct me to a plan that would work for me. He did.

My watchword ~ "Consistency over time pays off."

What I didn't do~

Beat myself up if I didn't stick to my plan each day

Talk about it incessantly

Give myself a deadline

Exercise strenuously & a lot (I did walk but my focus was on the eating plan.)

Look for my article in August. I have the "backstory," the reasoning behind the title and more tips!

Now...what is your #1 tip for managing your weight?

Apr 21, 2009

Dinner To Go & Lemon Glaze

We are so privileged to have such good friends living very near to us. When I flew back to Colorado to stay with my husband in the hospital (ski accident), I knew I could count on these wonderful friends to watch out for my children and my mother. They brought over food for the kids and there was a smoked ham and chicken in the refrigerator the day we flew home.

So I knew I wanted to do something special for these special friends. Well...today was the day! Today was my friend's first day back to work after maternity leave. Even though many years have passed since I had to return to teaching 3 weeks after the birth of my daughter, I vividly remember how I felt. By the time the 3:00 bell rang, I also had a telltale reminder that it was past "feeding time" for my baby girl. How embarrassing!

So I doubled up our dinner and took "dinner to go" to our friends. This was one less thing for this sweet mom to worry about today!
Dinner To Go

My Chipotle Roast Beef, Baked Mac & Cheese, Broccoli, Yeast Rolls
Lemon Cupcakes w/lemon glaze
(I cut back on the chipotle peppers just in case...)

Wearing an apron is a necessity for me. I'm kind of messy!
See the powdered sugar dotting my apron?

These pretty lemon plates were a recent gift from my thoughtful BFF, Alisa of Carolina Panache. So fresh & pretty!
Now for the recipe for the lemon glaze. I was going to top these lemon cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting but didn't have enough cream cheese. What's Bella~Mella to do now? Make lemon glaze instead!
For a dozen cupcakes, mix 1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar and 3 T of fresh lemon juice. Add lemon zest. Mix well. You can add more lemon juice if it needs to be thinned a bit. With the back of a spoon, ice the cupcakes.
Easy Peasy Lemon Pleasy!
* I don't mind if baked goods don't look bakery quality. In fact, I rather prefer the home"crafted" appearance.
How about you?

Apr 19, 2009

100th post and Introducing Life and Style By God's Design

It's my 100th post and I have an announcement.
With joy and excitement I introduce to you a newly launched women's ministry called Life & Style By God's Design.

A little over a year ago my best friend, Alisa Brown of Carolina Panache, and I began talking in earnest about pursuing our passions. We encouraged one another to take action steps. One of the steps I took was to register for the Proverbs 31 conference She Speaks. I followed the speaker track and was evaluated in a speaker group. While attending She Speaks, I stayed in Alisa's home throughout the weekend of the conference.

Alisa took some action steps, too, which included going from the corporate world to full time home life! In the pursuit of following our God given passions, we have combined our interests and giftings in a new women's ministry called ~

(Follow the link.)
Alisa is passionate about making the home a haven and a retreat from the world. I have seen first hand the beautiful ideas Alisa is able to bring into fruition. Just stepping into her home is inspiration. She enjoys opening her home and extending hospitality to others. As a recipient many times over of her hospitality, I know she will inspire women to realize the value of home, family and gracious living.

My passion? Teaching God's Word in a way that inspires, motivates and leads others to know God to the fullest extent and be fully available to Him. To borrow a quote from Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge, I want women to know that "the more His we become, the more ourselves we become; more our true selves."
To be the "real you" you must know Him in a "real way." No more carbon copies of one another. No more comparisons where someone wins and someone falls short. No more competition. There is room for every spiritual gift where love is the foundation. Women helping women reach their potential. That's what energizes me!

April 2oth, (tomorrow) Alisa and I will be guests on HomeKeepers, a program on the Christian Television Network (CTN). The show is hosted by Arthlene Rippy who has over 20 years of speaking and TV hosting experience. HomeKeepers is based on Titus 2:4-5. Arthlene interviews us about the launch of Life & Style By God's Design. It was a lot of fun and I hope you will be able to view it. If not, we hope to add some of the show segments to our blogs. See the information at the bottom for stations and times. Or log on to CTNonline.com on Monday, April 20th to view the Live Streaming video at 5:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. EST.

Alisa Brown & Melanie Dorsey
on the set of HomeKeepers Talking about Life & Style
Arthelene Rippy, host of HomeKeepers with Alisa & Melanie

The table awaits Alisa's creative design. Wonder how she used those boots in a tablescape? Watch the show!

Melanie aka Bella~Mella in the studio kitchen at HomeKeepers

Yeah, baby! I have visions of being on the Next Food Network Star!

Interested in Life & Style By God's Design? Alisa and I are available to speak at your ladies retreat, conference or one day event. Contact us at mylifeandstyle@aol.com

To view "HomeKeepers"

Dish Network - Channel 267,DirecTV - Channel 376, Sky Angel IP TV - Channel 136

Affiliate Stations:

WCLF TV - Clearwater FL,

WYBU TV - Columbus GA,

WRXY TV - Ft. Myers FL,

WVLR TV - Knoxville TN,

WHTN TV - Nashville TN,
WFGC TV - Palm Beach FL,
KFXB TV - Cedar Rapids IA,
WGNM TV - Macon GA,
WTJR TV - Quincy IL,
HHBR TV - Pensacola FL,
WVUP TV - Tallahassee FL,
KNLJ TV - Jefferson City MO,
WLCF TV - Decatur IL

Bella~Mella's Southern Cucina

A Simple Sunday Dinner
Taking the hambone from Easter Sunday's Ham, I made soup. And you can't eat ham soup without cornbread! So I made that, too.
My ham soup always starts the same but I take a different recipe road with each pot I make. I trim the fat and some of the ham from the bone. Cover the bone with water and bring to a boil. Add diced onion and celery to the pot. Salt & pepper. Add a can of mild Rotel tomatoes and a can of diced tomatoes. I also used 16 oz. of dried Great Northern Beans. The day before, I prepared the beans according to the package directions for the "quick soak."
After adding the beans, let the "soup" return to a boil. Lower the heat and remove some of the beans - about 1 cup - to mash. I put them in a bowl and used the back of a large spoon to mash the beans. This adds creaminess and thickens your soup. I also added left over ham to the pot. I finished off my soup Saturday night (removing the ham bone) and refrigerated it. When we returned from church Sunday, all I had to do was skim off a bit of fat from the top and return the soup to a stockpot. While it was re-heating I made a pone of cornbread. After my preparation on Saturday this simple dinner took only 1/2 hour from refrigerator to table.

Sometimes I make ham soup with potatoes, corn and carrots. It's all good!

Quite simply...satisfying!

Apr 17, 2009

Queen "Esthers" For the Day

Last night it was my privilege to be a guest at an Esther Bible Study. Alisa of Carolina Panache and I drove together and met some fabulous women who were open, vulnerable and loving Jesus. It was the concluding night of their Bible Study hosted by Gwen who happens to sound a lot like Beth Moore. Hmmmmm.

And, hey, I got to wear a crown! My friend, Linda, and I posed and waved our best beauty pageant waves. Linda is creative and thoughtful. She is a talented photographer and a missionary with a BIG heart for children. See her photos here: http://lindacharlene.blogspot.com/. She is traveling the globe so fast she makes my crowned head spin!
Do any of you get the show HomeKeepers on the Christian Television Network (CTN) in your area? If so, let me know. I have some fun news about that!

Apr 14, 2009

In Real Life ~ Blogger Buddies

It was a dark and stormy night...
make that "afternoon..." when I drove along the Florida coastline to meet up with Lisa @ Glad Chatter, http://lifeoflisasmith.blogspot.com/. Sunny Florida was not so sunny that day but Lisa has a smile that lights up the room.
What a sweet visit we had and what a sweetheart Lisa is in real life!

Lisa is a great example of a woman who loves her husband, her children and most of all, her God.
Lisa, it was a privilege to meet you and I hope to see you "in real life" again real soon!

My best friend, Alisa, http://carolinapanache.blogspot.com/, was in town with her family on spring break from NC. She and I are working on a ministry project that until recently we have kept under wraps. But very soon we'll be telling you all about it in BlogTown. In case you've never stopped by Carolina Panache, do yourself a favor and go there now! She's got creative tablescapes and decorating tips that are do~able. While in my home, she gave me some ideas on how to rearrange my rooms for maximum impact.
'Can't wait to do it...but One Fine Man may need a little lifting help from Mr. Panache. Better get to it before they head back up to NC! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'll be back to link these two friends' blogspots but for now...I'm headed out the door. 'Gotta teach those kids how to
"hablar en espanol."
Hasta Luego!

Apr 13, 2009

Go Coco"nuts" for cake!


Don't put all your eggs in one basket!
I only have eyes for you...
Easter Dinner ~ ham, sweet potato souffle, baby limas, deviled eggs, yeast rolls & coconut cake

Consider the lilies.

My Easter Sunday began early since Guitar Girl and I had to be at church at 8:00 to prepare for the early service.

Our two services were joyous and moving as we celebrated the resurrection of Christ.
We had several guests and nearly 200 more people than we do on any given Sunday. Soon it was "balcony seating" only.

While waiting for my cue for the drama, I saw some "20 something" guests carrying in Starbucks coffees and sporting an armfull of tattoos. The youth pastor and I agreed that when Starbucks and tattoos show up at church, that's a GOoD thing!

Since it was a holiday, I made a cake ~ coconut cake! And yes, I had some. I am limiting my sugar to birthdays and holidays.

Sugar, Sugar...
Rather than have a lot of left over cake to tempt us to over indulge, I wrapped up the remaining cake and froze it for another day.

I don't often use cake mixes, but this is a recipe I got from a friend and it calls for a cake mix. If you're a fan of coconut, try this recipe. You won't be dissapointed.

1 cake mix - either white, yellow or coconut ( I used Duncan Hines Coconut)

1 can of cream of coconut ~ NOT COCONUT MILK (Find it in the ethnic aisle or w/the mixes for pina coladas.)

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

8 oz tub of Cool Whip
1 bag of coconut ( I used Baker's brand.)

Prepare cake per box directions for a 9 x 13 pan. While still warm, poke lots of holes over the entire cake. Use the end of a wooden spoon. Don't worry if your cake top gets a little "crumb~y." The topping will disguise that.

Pour cream of coconut and sweetened condensed milk over the cake.
Cover and refrigerate for several hours or overnight. Before serving, mix the coconut and Cool Whip to make a "frosting." I never use the entire bag of coconut. Spread over top of cake and if not serving immediately, recover and refrigerate. Refrigerate leftovers. I made my cake Friday and frosted it Saturday night. By Sunday afternoon, it was perfect. This cake gets better as it chills.

Apr 10, 2009

From Raggedy Ann to Tacky to What Now?

Last week we were on spring breakand one of my projects was to freshen up my front porch. We have lots of plants and a wicker settee that reside there. The wicker settee was a great find last summer while I was out walking in my neighborhood. I happened to walk by a house as a man was just putting a sign on the wicker piece that read $40! I checked it out and it was in great condition. As soon as I got it home and started cleaning it up, I saw a metal label attached underneath. I went online and found out that I really got a bargain. This was a Lloyd Loom piece!

My 3 seater sofa originally sold in the hundreds! There were also two chaise lounge cushions accompanying it. The cushions ended up on some chairs in my back yard. A perfect fit! But that left my wicker piece in need of accessorizing.

Quite honestly I haven't wanted to spend the $$$ to outfit the settee in style. Yet. I'm waiting until I see what I want for a price I'm willing to pay.

The picture above is a piece from Lloyd/Flanders online: Mine is not in this pretty natural tone. Mine is a teal green and except for the color it is the exact piece.
Last week I gathered all of my old king sized bed pillows and my coordinating pillow cases and shams. A few years ago I was using a Ralph Lauren blue pattern on my king sized bed so I had several coordinating cases and shams. I went through my stash of table cloths and found a white and blue checked cloth. I arranged the cloth over the back of the settee and positioned the pillows in their pretty blue floral and striped cases to form seat and back cushions. I put a painted chair to the side of the settee with a denim throw pillow to tie it all together. Sounds pretty, huh?

For the week of spring break I really enjoyed my freshened up porch with the pretty and cushy shades of blue. Sunday morning after church as we drove into our driveway, I said, "Doesn't the porch look cute?"
My 15 year old responded, "It looks like a Raggedy Ann."
"Really?" I asked. I was met with silence from the rest of my bunch. Tactful silence? Hmmmmm.

A couple of days later my daughter came in the front door from running and I asked her, "Do you think the settee looks cute?"
Silence. Then, "It looks kind of tacky."

Ouch. Tacky? Raggedy Ann? Second guessing myself and wondering if my neighbors thought the same thing, I removed my raggedy, tacky pillows and old table cloth from the settee.

This is how my decorating goes. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't. I have a friend who has a great "eye" for getting it right all the time!
So since she and the fam are coming from NC to visit family for Easter and since they will be stopping at my house for a visit, I am going to borrow her "eye."

I think my "eye" is most often hampered by lack of funds. But maybe not. Because some people are able to decorate beautifully on a budget!
I guess my frugal "eye" is sometimes a little "Raggedy Annish."

Yes, I took pictures of my spring break porch but I think I'll wait to post those when I have an "after" to put with my "before."

Can you relate to my frugal frustrations? Can I get a witness?
Okay, I have "bravely" posted a picture of my Raggedy Ann Porch. It's different now though. I have a grapevine wreath on the door instead of the tin w/flowers. And the settee is bare. Pup is sitting in the kitchen smelling the coconut cake I am baking for Sunday. It has sugar in it but it's a holiday. A real one...not like Groundhog Day! So you be the judge. But if you are thinking, "Bless her heart..." then I know what that means!

Happy Easter. He is risen. Risen indeed!

Apr 8, 2009

An Artistic Give-A-Way

Check out this artistic give-a-way! To see what I love go here.

To find out how to enter, visit Purple Lemon Designs.

Apr 6, 2009

Good for You Pumpkin Granola Bars

Pumpkin Granola Bars

I still have a red light on sugar. That does not mean I am using the artificial stuff! However I have decided to use honey in small amounts.

Also, can I mention Stevia again? If you use it, too, let me know how, okay?

What about Agave nectar? Anyone use that? Guitar Girl uses a bit of Agave nectar on her South Beach pancakes!

Several weeks ago, as an experiment, I stopped using sugar. This includes artificial sweetener which I only consumed in a Diet Pepsi! However I never shared exactly why I was giving up the sweet stuff.

For many, many years I have had migraines. If I don't use a prescription medication when I feel one coming on, it lasts for 3 days. There are different triggers for migraines and I was wondering if sugar might be one of mine. I was headache free for several weeks from the start of giving up sugar. However when the pollen count went way up, sinus headaches triggered migraines. So my results are mixed. However there are so many other great reasons to avoid sugar and at the very least, cut back on it, that I intend to find other ways to sweeten baked goods. After all, I don't need sugar in my tea or lemonade when I can use an herbal sweetener (stevia). So that only leaves baked goods in which to find a good substitute.

I have tried 3 recipes so far. I'll share the Pumpkin Granola Bar recipe today. And I already gave you my recipe for Whole Wheat Banana Muffins.

The other recipe I have made is a chocolate cookie that does not have flour or sugar. The recipe called for splenda, but I subbed stevia. I was happy enough with the results that I have made them several times.

Guitar Girl raved over the granola bars and said they were even better than the Kashi brand!
Here's the recipe: *

3/4 c canned pumpkin

1 egg

1/4 c butter - soft

1/4 c honey

2 cups rolled oats ( I used old fashioned.)

1/2 c chopped nuts ( I used walnuts.)

1/4 c wheat germ

1/2 t ground cinnamon

Blend pumpkin, egg, butter and honey in a mixing bowl. Add the oats, nuts, wheat germ and cinnamon. Mix well. (I accidently added all ingredients at the same time, then mixed it.) Spread the mixture into a lighty greased jelly-roll pan. Bake @350 for about 35 minutes or until golden brown. While still warm, cut into bars. For very crisp bars, remove from pan to wire rack and cool completely.

* The recipe I used above is one I tweaked from an adaptation from a recipe in Get the Sugar Out: 501 Simple Ways to Cut the Sugar out of any Diet by Ann Louise Gittleman. I found the "adapted" recipe online.

Above is the recipe I used. Mine is tweaked from the "adaptation" because I didn't have some of the ingredients. The other thing I will do differently next time is put the batter into a 13 x 9 dish instead of my jelly roll pan. It didn't spread completely to the corners so the edges got done faster than the rest. I'll let you know how that turns out. What I left out: 2 T of shredded, unsweetened coconut, 2 T molasses, 1 T. grated orange rind. Maybe that made the difference with the jelly roll pan.

What do you think? Is this a recipe you would try? Are you interested in finding healthier alternatives?

Apr 3, 2009

Word Walk & A Quiz to Identify Your Learning Style

Memorizing Scripture
I have just begun using a method I'm calling Word Walk to memorize scripture. I have found that I first need to read and reread (about 5 x) the scripture I have chosen. I pick the scripture prior to my walk/run time. If need be, I take the written scripture and carry it so I can refer to it. I like to make sure I get the wording exact.

Memorizing the scripture while walking soon turns to meditating on the scripture. Like I said, I have just begun doing this but I think it is something I can maintain! I try to walk/run 5 days a week. So even if I only memorize 1 verse per week that is 52 scriptures in a year! I can be happy with that.

Relax & Focus
Maybe it is the fresh air and movement that helps me concentrate. Focusing seems easier to me when I am outside without the distractions of my interior world. By distractions, I mean all of the dailies (homekeeping tasks) waiting on me. Perhaps it is simply the guilt free indulgence of combining 2 activities that are good for me that helps me relax and focus.
A Clue?
There is a specialized type of Jewish prayer called "davening" that may also be a key to why this method of memorization and meditation is working for me.
If interested, I'll share more about "davening" in another post. It goes back to King David's time!

Walk & Talk
I have shared before how I like to take a Walk & Talk. Word Walk is another aspect of that but with the purpose of memorizing the Word of the One with whom I talk...when I walk.

A Visual Learner
Being a visual learner, I have found that I need to see things first to learn and especially for memorization. I used to be in a performance choir and have also directed adult choirs as well as kids' choirs. Now, happily, I am just a choir member. I never learn music well unless I can see the actual notes and words. If a director gives out CD's for us to listen and learn, I can have every good intention of listening to it but I always get lost in my own thoughts and don't really even "hear" the music! But if I take the actual sheet music home and "read" through it a few times I can remember how the words and notes look on the page ~ the "thirds" the "naturals" the "oooh's & aaaah's" ~ a much easier way for me to learn new music.

Repetitive Movement
Now back to Word Walk. It seems the repetitive movement (kinesthetic) facilitates my visual learning style. I am so excited to have put these two things together because it has always been a challenge for me to memorize scripture.

If you have a tip that has helped you memorize scripture, please share it in a comment. Even if it doesn't work with my learning style, perhaps it will help someone else.

Take the Quiz
If you need help identifying your learning style, click on this link and take a quiz.
When you are on the site, scroll down and click on "the learning styles quiz." The quiz takes about 7 minutes. You can submit it and get your results back right away.