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Jul 28, 2009

Good Mornings!

My Good Mornings Routine

1) 2 Cups of Coffee while having morning devotions. Currently I am enjoying Oswald Chamber's My Utmost for His Highest journal. The entry from July 25th includes this profound statement: "The literal interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount is child's play; the interpretation by the Spirit of God as He applies our Lord's statement to our circumstances is the stern work of a saint."
I have been challenged to reread Matthew 5:3-10 in a new light.

2) A tumbler of ice water as I work out, either with The 30 Day Shred or Cardio Max. These dvd's work! I have had several people ask me lately if I have lost weight. I haven't but my clothes are fitting differently.

3) A dose of Cod Liver Oil - does good things for your brain and your skin.

4) Multi-vitamin after breakfast

5) Avon's Anew facial moisturizer with spf 25 after showering of course!

6) Mosquito repellent if I even step outside! (not pictured)

What must you do to ensure a Good Morning?


  1. I love the Oswald Chamber's devotional too!

  2. That is my favorite devotional. A perfect way to start the day!!

  3. Coffee is a necessity! & Sunscreen.

    Great list.

  4. I just purchased "My Utmost for His Highest", and I am really enjoying it. As for coffee...absolutely(3cups), exercise...a given, sunscreen...always, and a healthy breakfast, would not start my day without it. Never thought about the insect repellent unless I go hiking. Fun post.

  5. Devo, coffee and a chat with my sweet hubby while sitting in our chairs in the living room. I am currently reading Prov. 31 everyday for 30 days. It's the 30 Day True Woman Make-Over from Revivie Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh Demoss. I just started and think it will bring some fresh insight.

  6. Funny, I also have my two coveted cups of coffee during prayer time. 4am prayer time. That is my morning routine. And, when I miss it....I really "miss" it!

  7. Coffee and devotions is awesome and is my Good mornings too but when I read the Cod Liver Oil you took me back to my childhood of having to drink o.j. so I wouldn't upchuck the two tablespoons my Grandparents would give to us (smile). It is very healthy however.

    I pray you are well dear sister. I'm glad I was able to get by today. Love the blog look too.

    Hugs and love.

  8. Now that is SOME regimen! I applaud you! Can I just copy your morning routine? (minus the cod liver oil:) My boys will be starting school in a few weeks. I won't know what on earth to do with myself. I haven't had a morning to myself in 6 years. I would love to do my prayer journal in the morning and then go ride my bike on the trail.

  9. Coffee and devotional. My morning routine too.