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Jul 6, 2009

An Egg, An Onion and Preacher

What do an egg an onion and a preacher have in common?
One is essential in an omelette, the other is a tasty addition to it and the third enjoys eating both!
And now...they have this blog post in common.

We were in M - I - crooked letter - crooked letter - I - crooked letter - crooked letter - I - humpback - humpback - I for the 4th.

It was a long drive and a quick trip.

See this?
It has a double yolk. Somebody has chickens who lay double yolked eggs and my dad buys them for "cheep-cheep."
I missed The Next FoodNetwork Star last night because we were "on the road." But last week, my girl Melissa, shared this cool tip: When you get to the white part of your green onions, don't toss them. Instead, put the whites in a glass of water and you'll always have green onions.

Well, Melissa, I didn't know that! So as I was nearing the whites of my green onions, I gave her tip a whirl. When I got back last night, I saw my white tips had grown about 3" of green!

Yesterday morning as we were packing to leave M-I-crooked letter... (Mississippi), my dad, who retired from pastoring last year, was giving his sermon notes a last glance before heading out to preach. He was "guesting" for another pastor.

My dad is one of the best preacher/teacher's I have ever heard. I have learned a lot from him. I learned how to teach the Bible from him and I learned how to pray from Mother.


  1. Sweet ! I love that. What a wonderful legacy.

    Gwyn Rosser

  2. Sweet ! I love that. What a wonderful legacy.

    Gwyn Rosser

  3. You keep those post interesting for sure girl. That is a lot of info scrambled into this post and It's all good. B

  4. That's quite a segway to your sweet family legacy!.

    Do all those eggs, always produce twins?

    I never even thought of discarding the white part of green onions. I eat that part. I actually start my cutting at the white part and work my way to the green part. Cool tip though. :)

  5. Hi Melanie~ I was in Mississippi this past week, too! Just got back today.

    And, I wanted to tell you: I saw Melissa's tip and and grew my very own (what my family laughingly calls my) "onion garden". I have really enjoyed having fresh green onions for my salads each day. Every day I would cut a few inches off, and they would have grown back by the next day. Amazing! (But while we were gone, they grew a little pale. I'm trying to bring them back to life.) :-)

  6. What a kind, heartfelt tribute to your dad and also to your mother. What parent wouldn't want to hear that said about their ministry and how their children persieved it. Thanks for the post with variety. I enjoyed it.

  7. what a beautiful tribute to your parents.
    hope you had a great trip. i am looking for a way back to sunny florida :)

  8. OK. I am feeling REALLY stupid right now.
    I have always used only the white part of green onions. Cut up until the white starts getting too green, and then I throw the rest away. Do you mean to tell me that I am supposed to start with the green and work down???
    I really am a decent cook - just didn't know this little tidbit. *sheepish grin*