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Mar 3, 2009

What Was I Thinking?!

Lately I have been asking myself, "What was I thinking?!"

I have some clothes hanging in a closet which I don't use often. (Neither the clothes nor the closet.) The other day I was looking for something and saw a skirt which I payed good money for and thought was cute. And I thought I looked good in it! It kind of resembles old lady drapes to me now.
What was I thinking?!

I bought a 5 lb bag of egg noodles. We are not noodle people. We are potato people. Call me Mrs. Potato Head.
What was I thinking?

I almost gave away a perfectly good black "iron" plate hanger because the stinkin' plates would not fit in the holders. Upon closer examination, I realized I had been hanging the thing upside down!

What was I thinking?

Last summer at Dillard's I bought a pair of shoes in gray - the new "in" color. The first and only time I wore them my husband said they reminded him of a pair his granny wore. They're kinda cute, aren't they? Anybody wear a 7 1/2 and you don't mind donning footwear that looks like One Fine Man's granny's shoes?

What was I thinking?

I decided to give up sugar and anything sweetened with sugar or sweetener for 21 days. Enough said.
What was I thinking?

So....I'm rethinking these choices and this is what I've come up with:

I think I'll take the skirt to GoodWill because one woman's ugly skirt is another crafty woman's pillow.

And I think I'll make beef stroganoff 2 or 20 times.

And I think I'll check for where the hanger holes are (What else do you call them?) the next time I buy a hanging thing.

And even though the shoes look better off than on, I think I'll wear them with trousers.

And since I've lost 2 pounds since going sugar/sweet free, I think I'll keep my goal of 21 days!

Those are pretty good ways to use my "noodle(s)" don't you think?
How about you? Have you had a "What was I thinking?!" moment lately?

Thoughtfully yours,

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  1. That WAS indeed using your noodle(s). You're so clever. I just loved it. We are noodle people, but not rice people. So I know what you mean. :-)

  2. I enjoyed that. You can pass the noodles over here (smile). The shoes may look good with a nice pair of dark jeans or black pants???

    MMM I think I've done the same in the past with the plates. Maybe that's why I did give mine away years ago (hahaha).

    Bless you Sister.

  3. Took my daughter to wrong field, wrong time softball practice...It was just wishful thinking both my daughters practiced at the same fields at the same time :) I was also in charge of another girl. lol

  4. I think this question too often!!! Especially in the morning...what was I thinkin stayin up that late last night!!! Why don't I ever learn?

  5. Half of my closet is 'What was I thinking?' I like the shoes. They would not go with my wardrobe, but I do wear a 7 1/2 ;) At She Speaks, Shari did my colors/swatches for me. I was afraid of her. I am a fashion DON'T example. The cool thing was we really had a great, fun, amazing conversation. Did you meet her? She told me no black clothing for me. My mouth hung open. What? I have the basic black in every piece of clothing known to man. She said I looked better in a charcoal gray tone. She's right. I will phase out my other look. One day I would love to go shopping with her. I buy clothes and still have nothing to wear. I have not bought any pillows though. That's funny. Fun post. B

  6. I told my daughters that I miss lots of things about them, but a major thing is their fashion advice. I need to shop only with my girls- they are very truthful and keep me from later clocking myself in the head with a "what was I thinkin'???" moment. Fun post.

  7. I had my hair dyed that deep burgandy red one time. What was I thinking? A few years back I bought a pleather jacket. What was I thinking? I lived in FL for crying out loud! A 5 pound bag of noodles would be a good thing in our house but only if they are whole wheat. The shoes - well I would have to see them on your feet. I don't think that the color is throwing it off or the wedge heel but the cut of the peep toe seems a bit different. Maybe this will be our first case for the Style File! LOL! :-)

  8. Love your ideas! We are noodle people! I'll use those noodles very quickly at our house!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am most definitely covering the top of the stool! That was ugly fabric then, and it's still ugly now! Would love your ideas as to what kind of fabric--print, solid...what color? I don't like making decorating decisions!

    Thanks so much!!

  9. Ha ha! Melanie, you gave me a good laugh this morning. That skirt doesn't look like YOU at all! Where on earth did you find a 5 pound bag of egg noodles??? We are NOODLE people in this house. Chicken noodles soup, stroganoff, etc. The plate rack is making me laugh out loud. I have done things like that so many times. You are a good woman to share your crumbs Mel! Oh, and I think the shoes are darling. They're retro, not granny. You've inspired me to do a "What was I thinking?" post.

  10. I'm wearing one black and one brown shoe today. You know, that's how I shop. I find a pair of shoes I like and buy them in every color...today, that backfired!

  11. I like noodles, rice, and potatoes but ever since I re-thought my eating habits I don't eat much of any of them. Baked homemade mac and cheese is really good and will use up that bag pretty quick. :)

    I do that with the clothes more often than I like to admit, and shoes too. I just donated a brand new pair of very cute dress shoes because they were uncomfortable. I never wore them.

    Loved this post!

  12. Such a cute post!

    My "What was I thinking?" moment, usually deals with how much I think I can get accomplished in a set amount of time, and if I'm lucky I get about half of it done.

  13. Good Morning Melanie, Great Post! I am in the process of purging and deep cleaning closets and other areas of my home. When we first moved in our home 3 1/2 years ago, I decided everything should be new and ultra hip! ...which many people pull off quite well. :) Not me, my home was pretty but just had "no soul," and felt cold. Many of those things were stuck in closets and the attics as I started bringing my antiques back out, {and bought "new" pre-owned treasures that have a history.} I still buy new things, also, but I make sure that it is something I LOVE and not the new "must have" of the decorating season. As I pull the stashed pieces out of the closets and attics, I wonder, ....WHAT WAS I THINKING??? LOL! I've been taking them to the local thrift store, and hope someone is happy with them now! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

  14. Congratulations you're doing it 2 lbs! Oh this is a great post. What a riot and my wrought iron plate holder was just as difficult. :)

    Do I have to chose between potatoes and noodles? :)