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Mar 23, 2009

My Beauty Shop Boo-Boos

"Your beauty is too much for me ~ I'm in over my head." Song of Solomon 6:5. The Message

From the time I was very young, I remember wanting to be really, really good at something. Many things have piqued my interest and I figured I could learn how to do most anything from a book. Undoubtedly, that is why I enjoy research. (Thankfully, I have never wanted to do brain surgery nor go to the moon. Although I would like to watch brain surgery.)

Years ago, pre-pc, my public library totebag included books on such diverse topics as nutrition, fitness, cooking, “real books” for home schooling, d├ęcor, fashion, marriage, parenting, homeopathy, and an array of diy manuals.

One such manual (video included!) gave instructions on cutting hair at home. You could say I had a wild hair that we could save big if the kids and husband would let me play beauty shop. On them. And because one of us had to have her hair done professionally to observe technique, my hair was not included in Project Run-a-way. As in, “Don’t run away from me when I chase you with the scissors!”
However, my attempt at family hair care was a no go due to a couple of mishaps. Involving hair. Not skin. Well…maybe a tad of skin on the ear.

Undeterred, I moved from head hair to convincing Guitar Girl into letting me wax her eyebrows. Can I just say how sorry I am? Clearly, hot wax and eyelashes are not a good combo. But thank goodness for Vaseline. I wish I could tell you that was my last beauty shop boo-boo...

Guitar Girl

(I promise there's an eyebrow under there. And an eye. And eyelashes!)

Check back for more of my Beauty Shop Boo-Boos.

How about you? Made any beauty boo-boos lately?


  1. I am dangerous with the scissors. In college, I cut my bangs so short I had to buy pink hair tape to keep them from sticking straight up after I washed my hair. I needed a video. Did you learn how to do highlights: )?


  2. That's hilarious. Actually, I do cut my husband's hair but my son won't let me anywhere near him with scissors. That's probably a good thing.

  3. No booboos lately...the last one was when I broke my boy clippers and clipped my son's hair with the dog clippers. It looked like a wild hair for sure!! We now pay the money and save our reputation!! ;)

    (My theory was that I sat in a beauty shop working the register for years as a high school student. Surely I knew all the techniques that I saw with my own eyes.)

    You're way brave to try waxing!! LOL

  4. "Back away from the scissors and nobody gets hurt!" That would be the response if I started at any member of my family with the idea of cutting hair! LOL! I am known to trim my own bangs from time to time. My hairstylist always scolds me because I ALWAYS cut them at an odd angle. I did have a real booboo at the salon once. I went in for highlights and came out with purple hair! I wore purple for a week until I could get it toned down. I looked like a Barney wannabe! Oh, that was a dark, dark week! Never let your friend's sister who just graduated from beauty school work on your hair!!! Yikes!

  5. Aside from cutting my oldest daughter's bangs when she was very young, I have not had a scissors near anyone's head. It just is not possible. The trust element just is not there in this area. But, secretly I always wished I was able to do it. Now, makeup is another story. I do that often for daughters and their friend. I thoroughly enjoy makeup and the application. I am still cringing when I think about your hot wax story.

  6. Cute post.

    I cut my family's hair. It gives me more cash to color and cut my hair. LOL. I've had no professional training, just an eye for art. Hair is one of the arts. Creative expressions!

  7. I go NUTS over self care products. It's dangerous. Thinning shears, waxing, tweezers. I don't know when to stop picking!!!

    I love your short little haircut by the way!

    I used to work in a salon where we did waxing. Whenever we didn't have appointments, we would wax our hands and feet. I once waxed an entire eyebrow off! YIKES!

  8. You are hilarious! :) I've done my own before and recently gave myself a trim - frankly, the worst beauty boo-boo I have gotten is the Beauty Shop! :)

    I cut the boys hair and Mountain Man. Recently, he started going to a barber per my request. And it looks great.

    He literally just came in from a great hair cut. :)

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  10. you are such a funny writer! love it. i'm STILL recovering from my attempts to cut my own hair.

  11. Hot wax on eyeLASHES???
    It pains me just to think about it!!!
    I am so thankful my sons have enough confidence in me(combined with just the right amount of not-really-caring-how-they-look) to let me cut their hair. But I know the day will come when my lack of skill will over-power their desire to have a style, and I'll have to start paying for their haircuts again...

  12. Oh yes, my husband cuts his OWN hair now after the clipper attachment fell off one time and I gave him a bald stripe. LOL. I didn't like doing it anyway.

  13. Well, I went to school for it, & most of my "mishaps" were cutting my own skin between my two knuckles while holding the hair (scissor went a little too far). I have a "track" of scars there like birds in flight <<<<< from that.

    Thanks for sharing your funnies!