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Oct 15, 2008

Why "Bella-Mella"?

I am intrigued by all things wordy! In other words, languages and the etymology of words fascinate me. When my husband and I went to Italy last summer I took a crash course in Italian. Since I have studied Spanish and French in college and absolutely adored my high school Latin course, learning a little Italian was a fun challenge. Back to the title of my post: Why "Bella-Mella"? Obviously, or maybe not, Mella is a play off of my first name-Melanie, and Bella is Italian by way of Latin for "fine, beautiful or pretty." Now lest you think I hold a high opinion of my appearance..."bella" is also found in Hebrew and means devoted to God. So, while my husband tells me I am beautiful, "Bella-Mella" to me signifies the kind of life I hope to live-A Beautiful Life Devoted to God.
(picture from our trip to Venice on our 20th wedding anniversary)


  1. You are Beautiful! and you have a way with words Melanie!

  2. Awesome, awesome! I loved Venice. Great picture and blog name! :)

  3. I love this! Did you ever post on She Speaks? Speaker or more writer track? I wish I had been into blogging before so I could have met all the people I 'know' now. b

  4. Love your name...love the revelation He brought you through it!!