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Aug 22, 2011

Pass the Peas

 Last Saturday I created a page on facebook called "Pass the Peas." It's inspiration to answer the daily question, "What's for dinner?"

On Pass the Peas, you'll find dinner menu ideas, recipes, cooking tips, links, and pictures, too. 

You'll also find inspiration from the 81 member (and growing) community of women (and a few men) who prepare dinner for their families (almost) every single day.

If you're on facebook and you'd like to check out Pass the Peas, just type Pass the Peas in the searchbox on facebook. Then "like" the page. That's it and you're golden. Just like buttermilk cornbread.

1 comment:

  1. Looks delicious!

    What I really wanted to comment on though, was your recent video. Move over Beth... here comes Melanie!

    HONESTLY... it's wonderful Melanie, and I am so thrilled with the way you are sharing the 'next' that God is giving you after the 'long night and empty nets'. Your words have the authenticity of one who has known both, and that speaks truth and hope to all who hear.

    'keep preachin' my friend! :)