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Aug 6, 2011

Are You a Woman in Ministry?

A few days ago, I created a group on facebook called "WINGS ~ Women In God's Service" (speak, write, lead). Each week there will be a task to work on for either speaking, writing or leadership. Some tasks will cross over regardless of which you feel is your primary focus. Task #1 - Establishing Expertise & Value.
Read the introduction, purpose and guidelines below. If you are on facebook and would like to join the group, send me a friend request (badge in sidebar) with a message referencing WINGS.

Welcome to WINGS (purpose & guidelines) 

As women in ministry, I believe we need the support of one another and as I like to say, "Life is best traveled in the company of friends." Many of us have attended some type of ministry conference whether it be the P31 She Speaks conference or a conference just for writers.
We get lots of great information but often leave overwhelmed with a long list of things to do.

Why not create a community of "women in God's service" who each feel the call to speak, write and lead? And why not share the things that are working for us and the things that are not? Let's support one another as we explore new ways (for some of us) of doing things and offer encouragement and practical help as a ministry to one another.

If you are like me, then you have felt a kind of "tension" between waiting on God to open doors for ministry while not neglecting the responsibility to steward your gifts well. Finding that balance and place of confidence as we pursue with excellence God's purpose for our lives is worth the hard work. Oswald Chambers writes, "Keep paying the price. Let God see that you are willing to live up to the vision."

Let's face it. There are times in which being faithful to the call and "living up to the vision" means plain old hard work and sometimes even loneliness.
So let's support the call of God in other women through prayer, encouragement and practical helps.
And now for a few guidelines:

  • Stay on task. As a certified teacher who has taught in public school, private school and home school, I know if you want to meet your objectives, you must stay on task. Let's keep this group on task by posting only those things that apply to our ministries of speaking, writing and leading.
  • Request prayer only when it is ministry related. If you are preparing for an upcoming speaking engagement, submitting an article, pitching a proposal or planning a women's event or activity, we want to pray for you. For any other prayer needs, please direct your request in another direction. 
  • Introduce yourself with a short post that describes who you are and what you're about in ministry. You may use your bio and tag line and link your blog for this first introduction. If you have a facebook ministry page, your initial introduction is the place to request "likes." Otherwise, let's not post a "like" request.
  • Link a blog, thereafter, only if the post you wish to link pertains to speaking, writing and leadership topics we are discussing on WINGS.
Melanie Dorsey


  1. May God bless every step of your journey my dear friend, love you. This is Denise

  2. This is great. As a Pastor's wife, I think of myself as 'in the ministry' daily! I teach women and I LOVE to teach women! I just may do this when I get a chance to post about it.

    I still pray for you Melanie even though I don't comment here much, I still think of Andrew and amd encouraged by your amazing faith in our precious God!

  3. Great post and a reminder to women in ministry!