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Feb 23, 2011

Wednesday Walking

Today is Wednesday which means I meet my friend Jen and we walk and run. But what we really do is talk our heads off. 
In fact, as far as I'm concerned, the plan to meet and walk/run each week is really an excuse to talk for an hour and a half. Because when I got back from walking/running with her for 7 miles today, I ran another mile and a half just to make sure I met my running goal for the day!
Jen in the red "Team Andrew" shirt

Our conversations include (not in this order): food, Jesus, potential jobs (Today I suggested we start a personal shopping business,which is kind of crazy because I don't really like to shop and neither does she.), books we are reading, husbands (how we appreciate their unique strengths ~ seriously), our kids, how we should take better care of our skin in the sun (although I was not wearing any sunscreen and I'd bet she wasn't either), the extra accumulation of pine straw on the sandy trail which threw me off and I thought we'd gotten lost in the park, my big savings at Publix this week (I spent $58.15 and saved $72.27 (7227 ~ weird), how sore we are after we do the Shred, and something she did on my behalf that surprised me so much I had no words to respond after she convinced me she was not joking! 

I think maybe that sums  up today's hour and a half convo.

My husband and I are working on having a huge garage sale this weekend. You know the kind that Dave Ramsey describes as one so big, the dog hides?! That kind. 

Well, friends, our family is facing another challenge. I am thankful it is not health related. 
I can tell you this...regardless of what comes our way, our faith endures and we do not quit.

I tried to upload a video I recorded in my favorite park this week (the one I thought we were lost in today) but I cannot get blogger to upload it, so I'm including a link here to my FB page, where you can see it.
And there is an "oops" on the video. I left out a line from the scripture in Hebrews. This is it: "and let us lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily ensnares us..."

It's warming up here in Florida and I'm enjoying it. Our windows are open and I can hear my neighbors sweet children playing. 

Where ever you are and whatever you are doing today, remember you are loved. In fact you are loved lavishly by the God of the universe...our Abba Father.
One of the ways God is loving me is through my friends. I am blessed. 


  1. I too am getting ready to have a garage sale! I Think! I just can't decide if I am going to have the sale or just give it all away...just so hard to find the energy to put it together by myself!! Good for you on the run. Wish I had a friend to help get/keep me motivated to do something healthy!!

  2. thinking of and praying for you as you face new challenges...