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Feb 9, 2011

February Fit & Healthy Focus

Sunday was the 21st day of "21" Meditations & Motivations to Get You Moving! I didn't miss a day of working out in 21 days! Now I'll go back to my regular plan of working out 6 days/week and a rest day on Sunday.
Doing the "21" plan on the "21" Group Page on facebook worked out well.
I'm planning another Fitness Challenge for the spring. Let me know if you want to join in on that one. Hopefully, by then, those of you in "snow country" will be able to get out and hop, skip, jump...walk or run!

Some of us are still posting our daily workouts on the FB Group Page. And others posted on my running blog ~ www.seemymomrun.com 
(Yay! Sonja and Mindy and Tracy!)

For the month of February I am going to post a weekly Fit & Healthy Focus. 

For this first week the focus is to increase your fiber intake to 25 grams a day. (Women ~ 25 grams and Men 35 grams. I'm working on my husband! He's agreed to up his fiber intake.)
I got 29 grams in today and what I have noticed since increasing my fiber this week is that I naturally eat less. When you choose to eat an apple with peel (I buy organic apples.), you get a little over 4 grams of fiber and then you really don't reach for a cookie or two or five.
Here is a good site that includes a list of high fiber foods.

If you want to join in on the February Fit & Healthy Focus, leave a comment. And if you are on FB, "friend me" and join our Group Page. You'll recognize a few fellow bloggers there!


  1. So glad to be part of the club! I'm doing well with my exercising. Now to work on fiber and other food related issues!

    Thanks for all you're doing!


  2. Sis, I want to join your spring fitness challenge, love you.

  3. I probably would benefit from that, my life takes so many twists and turns it seems, I cant get consistent for the life of me! And I live alone during the week!!!

    I'll check into your group page. I didn't know you started one.

    I am glad to get in 2x/week running and last week added snowshoeing. :)

  4. Oh, Mel... I guess you figured that I didn't do too well on my 21 days. I have seen an improvement in exercising and eating more fiber, drinking more water, and focusing on being obedient to the Lord in what and when I eat. Thanks for the encouragement and the example. I'm praying that one day, I'll love exercise, or at least crave it so much, that it will be a delightful part of each day.

    Blessings to you, Melanie~ and praying for you...