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Mar 31, 2010

Fierce, Forever and Farrah

A mama bird built her nest in a poinsettia plant that sits in a basket right outside our front door. We were just about to remove the Christmas plant when we noticed the nest. That mama bird is an inspiration. She took good care of her eggs and now she is protecting her young ones! Sometimes I am hesitant to come and go through our front door. She is ever watchful and even when not in her nest, she is never too far. We have experienced her fierceness for her family.

I am still on my mission to pray for "the family." We must be FIERCE when it comes to our nests!

My older son enjoyed his mission trip to Montana. I am getting the "story" in bits and pieces. I hope to have some good pictures soon.
While he was gone, I spent time going through my boys' room as I organized, cleaned and sorted through clothes and "boy stuff." I cleaned and cried...cleaned and cried.
They have shared a room since Andrew was born. Next month is Andrew's 13th birthday. We are approaching another "first" without our Andrew. Easter. I have the most precious pictures from Easter's past with my three children.

This year Andrew will celebrate the risen Lord with Him! I am envious. Andrew has begun his FOREVER with Jesus.

Yesterday I got my hair cut. Finally! It seems that just when I got good at flatironing, the big curls are back! Sometimes I just use the Fox News women as my fashion guidelines (minus the cleavage and short skirts). I noticed they went from straight, smooth hair to big hair with loose curls and waves!

When my husband got home from work, he called me "FARRAH." It's not THAT 70's!



  1. Just when I begin to like my hair...the styles change. I now go with what I like whether it is "in" or not! LOL!
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  2. I have always envied, yes, I said it, your hair. You can create any style that comes along. I can't wait to see you "Farrah"; you will be gorgeous.

  3. I am an 80's girl. Big hair. So let it come back and I will be in fashion again. After my chemo my hair came in thick as it always was but straight, straight, straight.....I hate it! But I color, so I won't perm...
    Have a blessed Easter. He is Risen!

  4. I'd so glad Avery had a nice trip.

    I'm sorry you have cleaned & cried, but I hope every tear was cathartic. <3

    I think it will be so exciting to say "He is Risen indeed!" while looking right at our risen Savior, won't it?

    Think of you always. Want to see a photo of the hair. My hair is different every day of my life, depending on the weather! Flat or frizzy. *sigh*

  5. I love you my beautiful, precious sis.

  6. You are so precious Melanie, beautiful in EVERY way.

    I have curly hair too! Sometimes my arm gets tired from blowing it out and ironing it. So much work to be a woman.

    And yes, to be one who is fierce for her family.

    Thanks for this great word and encouragement to all of us out here.

    You continue to inspire us all and help us to be better mothers to our children.

    Love you♥

  7. 'cleaned and cried'... another step on your journey. I can imagine that it helps, even as it hurts.

    Andrew in heaven with Jesus this Easter... now THAT makes me smile!

    I love your new haircut description... we need to see a picture.

    Happy Easter Melanie, even through the tears, be comforted that Jesus is REALLY holding Andrew, literally, as you celebrate Easter this year. It helps when we remember it's only a little while, and you will be together again! JOY!!!

  8. Fierce, Forever and Farrah....like this a lot.

    I know it must of been hard to clean Andrew's side of the room, it had to be done though sweetie......

    I bet the Farrah look is absolutely gorgeous on you. Be well my friend.......:-) Hugs

  9. For 3 years in a row we had birds build nests under the eaves on our front porch. 3 or 4 of them at a time. At first I thought it was adorable, but then it became a problem everytime we came in and out of the door the mama birds would swoop down and flap around by our faces I am sure protecting their young. I became concerned they might actually peck one of us, haha. And during feeding time it was sooo loud we could hear it in the other room through the closed door they chirpped soo loud. It finally occurred to us after the 3rd year (they would return to the same spot) to block it up so they couldn't build. I have to say I did feel kind of bad, but it was a problem nonetheless, haha

    And please don't tell me waving curls are back in, I too just learned how to work my flatiron really well, haha...I am ALWAYS behind. And my hair is soo straight on it's own, curls are always a problem...sigh....

    I am glad your son's trip went well. I can relate in that I have a son that I get stories in small bits and pieces, dragging it all out of him. Eventually I do get it all though. I have been praying for your son, so hope all is going well for him. I imagine that having shared a room with Andrew has made things even a little harder for him, so it was no doubt probably a good idea you did that while he was gone. I am sorry that it was hard on you.

    Farrah did have big hair, but it was soo beautiful as was she. Definitely worse gals to resemble, haha I think you should post a pic of the new "do" too.

    Praying always, Deb

  10. Love the post Melanie....and the honesty. One day at a time....still praying for you and your family!

  11. You are on the journey, Melanie. When I was younger I had no enjoyment at the thought of "one day at a time". I wanted to see in the distance. Now I'm happy to do the "daily" walk. God gives us grace for each day, and that is what you are experiencing. God's grace for the task at hand. He is good and He's with you.
    Blessings for peace in your hearts this Easter.

  12. I have been following your blog for several months, since right befor your life's biggest challenge began. I must say I have found your blog so real, so inspirational and so helpful to me in my daily walk with God. It may not seem like it to you, but I can see you are amazingly strong. I continue to pray for you and your sweet family.

    Oh . . .the hair! . . .you need to update your photo!



  13. Happy Good Friday...I love this...

  14. crying...envious of Andrew...heartbroken for you... praising our RISEN Savior for your fierceness

    and, FYI Farrah is timeless. You go get 'em!!

    xoxoxoxo lisa

  15. Sending love and prayers for you this Easter. I have no words for how you must feel as a mom. Andrew and Jesus, what a beautiful picture for me to imagine. I'm sorry for your loss as his mom.

    And about the waves and hair, let them fly! :) Gotta love it when the trends return. I'm sure you look marvelous!! I curl mine off and on these days. I see more curls these days too. Still love straight hair, because that's what I have. It's easy.. :)

    Hugs and love and much prayer!

  16. We want hair pictures!!!

    I know this weekend will be hard. I will pray for peace and comfort for you and your family. That you will all be filled with joy unspeakable.

    lots of hugs...

  17. I can't wait to see it...I may copy you pretty girl!!:)

  18. I was thinking about you Melanie a lot today. I didn't imagine curls :) Good tip on fashion with the news women.

    Caught up on several posts. I love Andrew and Jesus together and his Bible. The Lord sent you a message. Ted is cute also. Don't want to leave him out. Praying for your family. Thanks for sharing heart connections. love,B

  19. This year Andrew will celebrate the risen Lord with Him! I am envious. Andrew has begun his FOREVER with Jesus.

    His forever with Jesus...I am picturing Andrew...and tears are running down my face from this vision of him with our Lord....

    I had a pic of me in a post last year looking like a brunette version of Farrah..lol.


  20. Thanks, Melanie, for sharing your life and your words. I am so sorry to read about your loss of Andrew. Being new to this blog world, I just didn't realize!

    Your children and beautiful, and I appreciate hearing your story!

    Thanks, too, for leaving kind remarks on my blog!

    Blessings to you,





  22. You left us in true suspense...with no pictures of your new curls. I'm also one who just recently learned to use a flatiron - not even kidding! - but I will gladly welcome the return of curls...throwing the curlers in and shaking it out was SO much easier!

    You will be on my heart this weekend. Another holiday that just is not the same...no matter what you do. I pray that God sends you a special...made just for your...blessing this weekend.

    Happy Easter!