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Sep 29, 2011

Life is Unfair - excerpt from Run, Pray, Breathe

An excerpt from my eBook: 
Run, Pray, Breathe - Going the Distance in Prayer
This excerpt is from part one
"The Reason I Run."

With determined resolve, I continued down the road. My throat tightened as I 
 walked past the home of Andrew’s skateboarding buddy. 
“Life is unfair,” I thought as I walked. Another thought emerged, “But God is good.”  
I passed a few more of my neighbors’ homes and began to run. The teardrops fell faster than the turnover of my feet.
I revisited twelve years of images on these roads - bike riding, rollerblading, skateboarding, dog walking, and the day Audra, Andrew and I were surprised by a sudden thunder storm. We raced back home, laughing the entire way. Dannie took a picture of the three of us - drenched, rain dripping from our hair, and Andrew clowning for the camera. 

Run, Pray, Breathe - Going the Distance in Prayer is an inspirational guidebook for anyone at any fitness level who wants to combine a run or walk with focused prayer.  Using the six topics of the Lord's Prayer, I teach my readers to incorporate scriptural meditation as they pray the living and powerful Word of God. This focused plan of prayer works for one mile and more and has the power to transform body, soul and spirit. 
The 3 main sections are:
"The Reason I Run"
"Run 101"

"I Was a Prayer Drop Out."
"Teach Me to Pray."

"The Fragrance of Christ"
"Inhale - Exhale"
I can hardly wait to finish writing it and make it available in eBook form.


  1. I can hardly wait for you to finish it so I can read it and share it with others!
    May God infuse you with His strength, creativity, resolve and peace as you continue to put your journey into words.
    God's richest blessings to you, Melanie.
    Cindy :)