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Sep 26, 2011

Excerpt from Run, Pray, Breathe - How To Go the Distance in Prayer

This is an excerpt from the eBook I am writing Run, Pray, Breathe - How to Go the Distance in Prayer.

The book has 3 main sections. 
The Reason I Run
Run 101 

I Was a Prayer Drop Out.
Teach Me to Pray.

The Fragrance of Christ
Inhale - Exhale

From RUN - The Reason I Run

So many things every day had the potential of bringing me to utter despair. One day I stood before Andrew’s closet and drew a deep breath hoping to inhale a familiar scent. I touched the sleeves of the shirt he had last worn to church. Unbelievable to think he had worn it on a Sunday as he sat next to me on the pew and less than twenty-four hours later, he lay unconscious in a hospital bed. Holding my breath, I checked the pockets of his favorite pair of jeans. Empty. My eyes fell on his last pair of Nike athletic shoes. He had barely worn them as the tumors in his brain affected the left side of his body causing partial paralysis. I slipped my feet into his shoes. They were too big for me. Still I tightened the laces and walked through the quiet house. I cried aloud, “Andrew, I wish I could have stood in your place and taken the pain for you. I would have given my life for yours but I didn’t have that choice.” 

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  1. Wow -- you already have me hungering for more, even though my heart is already breaking. So excited you are taking this journey with the book. Can't wait to read.

  2. I want to read more . . .


  3. Sounds great!! I can't wait until you are done and I can add this to my kindle to read!! Thank you for visiting my blog today :)

  4. Drew me in...want to read more! I could "see" the paragraph you posted.


  5. Very awesome, love you. This is Denise