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Aug 18, 2010

The Part That's Supposed to Be part 3 of "A Flesh Colored God"

I thought I would be able to write part three sooner. I really did. But every time I thought about it, it didn't feel right to write.

As much thought as I have given to the 3rd part of my experience on the road and in relationship with A Flesh Colored God, I really COULD write it, but here is the problem:

It's too big to write.

What I really want to do is tell it to you. Not in words on paper or a screen but in the flesh. My mouth speaking and your ears earing.

So maybe I will be able to overcome the "issues" that would prevent me from pursuing the telling and your subsquent hearing.
Or maybe I will tell it to a group (at my next opportunity) and ask for it to be recorded and then upload it for you.

Perhaps you would not feel it as I do.
Perhaps you would say, "Well, actually that's all quite simple. I don't know what the fuss is all about."
And perhaps you would be correct.

What I have gained from pursuing A Flesh Colored God is very simple. Yet it is also quite complicated in the living out of it.
And that is what I have begun to do in just one week.
Living out some very simple sounding words which may not be so simple to live.
Yet in their simplicity and maybe even in their complexity, they free me.

Freedom is complex.
For though it speaks of doors opened, weights lifted, shackles loosened and restoration of rights, there is a price to be paid for freedom.
Freedom costs dearly. 

So while at this particular moment, I do not feel "free" to write part 3 of A Flesh Colored God, I have tasted freedom this week and I don't want to return to doing life with a shackled heart.
My son, Avery, jumping in a rainbow. May his heart always remain unshackled.

(Photo by Erin Morgan) 


  1. I will look forward to hearing all about it. Now I can't wait! :)

  2. I understand about some things revealed by and lived through the Spirit of God being hard to put into words that express the full beauty of the revelation. The full reality.

    But I'm so glad for your freedom this week. May you walk in fullness of the freedom and grace He has given you, dear friend. Shackle-free Melanie.

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  4. Blessings Melanie... I understand this... wanting to speak LIVE! I also want a "flesh colored God" right with me, teaching me His Word, speaking His love to me, in the flesh.
    Maybe that's why we love Jesus but need Him here, right now, like He was in the flesh. But would we recognize Him? Would we treat Him the same?

    I only get snippets of your posts now in Google Reader and I miss not reading the "full story" but I'm thankful that I could come here today and see the "free" Avery in a blessing of God's rainbow!

    May someone come in the flesh and love you and listen, maybe even record you saying what you want to share "freely"; expressing yourself and we could see... but it's still not the same as being right there.

    May God run with you, ahead & behind as He teaches you to pray. I needed that, too!

    Thanks for being REAL!

  5. Gorgeous pictures, Dear ~ I'm so glad for the experience you had. Love and Hugs ~

  6. You will know when the time is right sweetie, also when the opportunity comes your way to share your words not only with us here but others as well.....we will all be here to listen....:-)Hugs

  7. I love your realness, and your heart.

  8. catching up here... desparately praying for Britt and deeply understanding your inward struggle to tie miraculous healing and Andrew's triumphant entry into heaven together. I have the same struggle, sister. love you.

    PS you've inspired me to tackle my 4 today instead of scrimp or slack. =)