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Oct 18, 2009

Going Home

Friday the doctors decided that the high powered antibiotic (rocephin) was causing the side effects. I believe it has also been the source of stomach upset. Andrew had been on zofran round the clock for nausea but still had nausea.
Since being off the antibiotic, his white cell count went back to the normal range. And he has not had a fever since Thursday afternoon.
We brought him to our hotel room on a day pass and plan to be discharged in the morning. I hope and pray it doesn't take long. Since being out of the hospital he has eaten more. If he feels queasy, we stop and pray. So far so good. He has had slight headaches and one throbbing headache. We pray.
We have to get Andrew home and build up his body, help him regain his weight and build his immune system.
Please continue to pray that he gets a normal appetite back and regains weight and strength. We are depending on the power of God and not the wisdom of man.
I'll continue to update.

Celeste Welch sent a wonderful, faith filled couple our way. They offered to come to the hospital room and pray. We felt the power of God in the room.
The next day, Beverly Dru and her husband surprised us with a visit. They also came in like sunshine and interceded our Andrew's behalf! Each couple came just when we needed the Body of Christ.
Saturday morning I called my new friend (the wife of the couple sent by Celeste) and she drove over to pray with me in the hospital chapel. What a powerful time of prayer.
My parents drove up from Clearwater on Saturday and spent the evening with us and part of the Sunday in the hotel room with us. While my husband tended to Andrew in the hospital, I got some rest knowing my parents were right there with me. This morning my mom and dad and I interceded in prayer for quite a while before I went back to the hospital room.
On a day pass, we brought Andrew back to the room with us. Unfortunately they will not "allow" us to let him stay overnight in the hotel and take him back in the morning for discharge.
Thank you all for praying so fervently that we could go home. Please pray that our drive back tomorrow is uneventful. Just joyous.


  1. I will send a special prayer for Andrew to regain his strength and build up his weight..May the Lord shine on you..

  2. Hi Mel,
    I am so happy to hear that things are improving for Andrew!
    I will continue to pray for your Beloved Family each day...
    Have a safe and joyous trip home tomorrow! Yeah!!!

    K. Frangeskos at
    Jesus Knows You Best

  3. I am so glad for all of you. I cannot even imagine how wonderful it is going to be for all of you to get back to your home after such a long time at the hospital. I am praying for a good trip home and for continued improvement. laurie

  4. YES! So excited that you're all coming home!

    Will pray for a quick discharge, smooth ride home, and continued health and strength in Andrew's body.

    Just being at home will do you guys a world of good.


  5. Praise God for this wonderful news. I am praying without ceasing.

  6. woohoo! so excited for you. while reading about his "day pass" it sounds like he was released from jail for the day. i bet he feels like that. praying that october 19th is a joy filled day!!

  7. Praying for Andrew tonight......

    My mom was on 3 strong antibiotics and felt worse than she's ever felt in her life, no appetite, running a fever, no energy, etc... They finally decided it was the medication and took her off of it. Since she has been off she is eating better, regaining strength, no fevers... BUT she's still having a nagging headache. They believe the headaches are her body detoxing from the antibiotics. She's been taking probiotics and it's helped her alot.

    I thought it might help to see someone else who is having symptoms from antibiotics... They can really do a number on the body!

  8. So thrilled for all of you and glad to know that you were able to spend some time with your parents too Melanie...what a gift that must have been for you.

    Praying for an extremely boring and uneventful ride home tomorrow...well, ok, just uneventful because I know you will all be so joyful to get there.

    God's blessings to everyone!

  9. Oh praise God that you are finally going home and they have seemed to figure out what was causing all the problems with the nausea. I love to hear those stories of how God sent His people just as you needed them most. He is so faithful. I will pray for sure an uneventful drive home and that his appetite picks up quickly and he settles into a good place. Blessings to you all, Debbie

  10. Rejoicing with you for a good trip home. Our prayers continue to be for the miracle to manifest in its fullness, while we praise God for the small victories. Believing with you....

  11. Still praying sweet one.

    Love and hugs to you all,
    Dawn in MO

  12. I am praying for that appetite to return...praying that feeding tube will be unnecessary very soon...praying for no more headaches, no more infection...praying...praying for healing.

  13. Oh, Dear, I am praying for all those things you mentioned. I'm so glad your parents came, and you have had many to pray with you. Agreeing in prayer for you. Love, Blessings and Hugs, sweet sister in Christ.

  14. Surely that will be a good place for him to be...I pray God will make it happen, and that Andrew's body will begin to rebound, by getting hungry (ravenously like a teenager! :)
    and that being home will help him heal by being more comfortable!
    Holding your family up in prayer.


  15. Oh I am so thankful to the Lord that you guys get to go home. I will continue to lift Andrew up in prayer here. Praying that his appetite return too. ((HUGS))


  16. Praising God with all the others & continuing to pray with all the others! This was such great news. I've been praying for you so often & fervently as the Lord has brought you to my mind SO frequently during the last few days. Praying that Andrew's appetite will soar!

  17. What a relief to find out what the problem was! Hope you are cozy at home now. That's good medicine for all of you. I know Ted is happy too! B

  18. Melanie,
    What wonderful news!! I am so happy to hear that there has been improvement and that your family will all be going home. I pray for continued improvement and healing...again, so happy :)
    Praying for Andrew...

  19. So happy to hear you are able to go home. Praying for Andrew's strength, sleep and appetite sans headaches. Also glad to hear of the visits from the body of Christ- that is awesome!


  20. Yay, you're going home!! God is great! I will continue to pray for Andrew's healing.


  21. This is great news. I pray you will have a safe trip home and Andrew's heart will be filled with joy to be home & spend time with Ted.

  22. That's great Melanie. What great news to hear that Andrew got the day pass and is going home.

    That is so sweet that God sent all of the prayer warriors your way and that your parents were able to come.

    I'm praying for a very joyous time as you all travel.
    I'm praying that Andrew gains strength and develops a really good appetite.

    "Thank You Lord for all are going to do for this family as they honor and trust You. You are amazing. Show Melanie, Andrew & Dan favor today. Delight them! I can't wait to read about the ways you are going to bless them. You are so good and we forever give You praise!!!"

  23. Wonderful news... and still praying here.

  24. Thankful. Praising the good Lord for healing and home.

  25. Andrew has the most beautiful eyes.

    The words I am impressed with concerning relentless prayer for Andrew are from the story of David and his pursuit of the enemy. In this case, the Amalekites had taken all the women and children captive and carried off all their stuff. (see 1 Samuel 30) David prayed and God said,
    Recover All

    And he did.
    Andrew will too. We will be relentless.

  26. I think that being HOME will help Andrew (and all of you) SO much, Melanie. There truly is no place like home.

    Praying. Standing. Believing.

  27. I am so glad you were able to bring him home. I have been out of town for a few days so i'm just now finding out this good news. I can't wait to hear more GOOD news. Still praying!

  28. I am so glad that you were able to come home. Still praying.

  29. Melanie, I am so glad to hear this good news, but I know the battle isn't over...still praying for the specifics, and believing that God is going to bring Andrew home to heal him. Praise God for sending the body of believers to you...you so needed support and prayer in person. God bless all of you...love and hugs to Andrew, and to you.


  30. I am continuing to storm the heaven's on Andrew's behalf. I am thankful you are going to be able to bring him home where he feels safe and can heal in a loving environment.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  31. I am praying that y'all have arrived home safely. Still have all of you in my thoughts and prayers. laurie

  32. Praying that you are settling in at home and that the Lord blesses each of you with His rejuvinating rest tonight. Love and continued prayers...

  33. I'm so glad you were able to take Andrew home Melanie. Still praying with you. Much love!

  34. Praying for you all - right now! Hold on to JESUS!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie
    [JESUS - the One I WAIT For]

  35. Happy for all the improvements and yes the appetite. I pray that he "eats you out of house and home."

  36. Melanie~

    So encouraged by this post. I will continue to pray Andrew comes home, very very soon!

    Love and prayers,

  37. Mel, you have faced your giant with Jesus at your side. God will get all of the glory from this situation. I am still believing with you and your family and Praising God for the victory!!
    Love Lilly

  38. Prayers! Hoping everything is going ok.

  39. Hi Melanie,
    I prayed for Andrew and you both this morning...I prayed Psalm 91 over Andrew inserting his name in the "my" "I" parts....verses 9 & 10 and verses 14-16 really stood out to me when I was praying so wanted to share that with you.....I will keep praying....