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Jan 18, 2009

The Gifted Ones part two

Romans 12:3-8 describes gifts given by God as Father. These gifts seem to be inherent tendencies that characterize a person. They are a result of the Creator's unique workmanship and have to do with a believer's identity and destiny. As stated in part one, few people are fully described by only one. But even though a mix may be found, there will usually be a dominant trait.

You can think of this gift from the Father as being what drives you or motivates you to say and do what you say and do. It is the lense through which you view the world.
To read The Gifted Ones part one, go here.
Following are clues to help you determine which is your motivational gift.
Each gift has strengths and weakness. We are responsible for developing our strengths and being aware of our weaknesses.

The gift of prophecy - to speak with insight and moral boldness, influencing others in one's arena of influence
Are you direct and frank? Do you feel compelled to tell people what you really think? Do you view issues as either black or white and are reluctant to see the "grey"? Do you speak aggressively and are willing to stand up for "truth" even under threat of criticism or ridicule? Have you ever been accused of being quick to judge and slow to sympathize?

You may find yourself in the field of politics, on the mission field, leading a Bible study, or preaching. Think of this gift as the "purifier" of the church.

The gift of service or ministry - to render loving service to meet the needs of others
Are you a tireless worker and don't mind working alone? Does it bother you when others don't seem to care about an obvious need? Do you just know what someone else needs and anticipate how to meet that need?

You may be providing meals for a family in need (new baby, sickness, funeral) and are often on committees that "serve" the body. You may sometimes disaprove of others' "inablilities" to serve. You are the worker of "practical needs."

The gift of teaching - one who researches, explains, and imparts wisdom.
Do you feel compelled to discover knowledge, to find truth and share the information with others? Do you enjoy detailed Bible studies, have a somewhat serious nature and look beyond the words to symbolism and patterns? Do you sometimes find yourself more interested in research than people? Do you "collect" books? You may be found in front of the classroom, doing research or in front of a congregation. You are the "disciple maker" of the believers.
The gift of encouraging or exhorting - one who urges earnestly, entreats and encourages
Are you anxious to please? Do you see the importance of individuals? ARe you a great networker, and one who dives into relationships?
Do you have difficulty taking criticism yet are your own worst critic?
Are you known for doing things "on the fly" or "off the cuff"?
You might be found on a platform, in sales, counseling or coaching. You are the "encourager of the spiritually needy."
The gift of giving - one who produces, supplies, grants and offers
Do you have a deep conviction to raise money to help causes?
Do you have an excellent business mind and are quite concerned about other’s financial needs? Do you have a great desire to see God’s causes advanced? Are your prayers for others often for God to meet someone's financial needs? Do you find yourself being "led" to give money or other gifts to people? You may be found giving the "big money" and having your name on a building. You are the "supplier of needs."

The gift of leadership or administration - one who influences others according to the “big picture,” purpose, mission or plan.
Do you enjoy coordinating people and projects? Are you able to pull together "manpower" effectively? Do you sometimes do things quickly just to get them "out of the way" or marked off your "to do list"? Has it ever been suggested that you are insensitive to others' personal desires if they conflict with your own?
You may be found coordinating a wedding, planning meetings, or in charge of a church dinner. You may be an office manager, project leader or pastor. You are the "organizer of the ministry."
The gift of mercy - one who feels compassion, extends help, kindness and forgiveness
Do you feel the pain of others so much that it affects your mood? Are you drawn to misfits and the underdog? Are you sensitive to others' emotions and easily go beyond sympathy to empathize with someone having a difficult time? Do you have an excellent memory for special dates and personal preferences? Do you have to guard against closing yourself off to someone you feel is insensitive? You may be found working behind the scenes of any crisis ministry, working the phones, in a nursing career or assisting in a recovery group. You are the "healer of hurting people."

(I would like to give credit where it is due, but I have been learning about this subject matter for a few years now and can't recall where each bit of information came from. Most, I believe, is from Rick Warren and the Saddelback church spiritual gift assessment study but I don't know exactly which parts. I guess that is bound to happen when your motivational gift is teaching) ; )
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So, do you know what your motivational gift is? Have you been able to identify the dominant trait in a friend or family member? I'd love to hear about it. Do Tell!~


  1. My gifts are leadership and evangelism. I've lead a Bible study for stay home moms for 9 years, and lead a MOPS group for 2 years. I love leadership!

  2. Hey Mel....In all my tests I come up high in encouragement/exhortation and hospitality.
    I get a lot of energy from both of these areas of ministry.

  3. If missions can be a gift I’ll take that one please!!!!
    we need to get together when i get home!!!!
    love ya

  4. Hi Melanie,
    What a good post - solid and meaty.

    My two gifts are the prophetic and teaching. I think the two often go hand-in-hand.

  5. My Daddy's was Prophecy. :)

    My test revealed (again ;) Encouragement/exhortation and Hospitality. :) Then Teaching. These are definite interests.

    Please pray for the Ministry I am involved in that starts again on Thursday. It is a Newcomers ministry for new ladies to our area. We are all really excited and praying for Gods hand upon it.

  6. Excellent post Melanie. Just re-studied my SHAPE manual this past weekend. Will there be a part 3?
    Also, I need to talk to you about some other items. I'll call you tomorrow evening so I can get an update on OFM.

  7. I'm gonna have to take that test. I know Paul's gifts better than mine! Maybe I'm just gifted at everything! ha! I do tend to dabble in bits of every kind of ministry. But I'd love to be able to hone in on what my calling really is and how my God given gifts can be used.

    Good post Mel! Gooooooood post!

  8. I like your summaries! I love to discover the spiritual gifts of my family and friends, and am always amazed at how God puts together the body of Christ! Personally, I am a prophet/exhorter (with a terribly small amount of mercy). I'm working on developing the mercy area as our Merciful Savior lives through me.

  9. I am the encouraging evangelist with a creative twist. I don't know what else to call it;) Hey, I was talking about you giving away the book today. I am so like that. My friend B and I were discussing whether an idea was from the Lord or were we just being nice in something we thought we should give to someone. We thought the gifts combined were too much for someone I just met and for another person I know from a distance. It was interesting to sort that out. We decided to give the things and just believe the Lord was the source of the thought. (Do I think I can give better gifts than Him???? Ha!) After we made that decision verbally to do it and trust our first thoughts on the matter, God lets us see MORE in the situation. It was a huge breakthrough as we are getting closer to putting some ministry pieces together. I want to post on this subject one day. I think all of us at times resist nudges because they don't make sense to us. I want to totally break that kind of thinking in my head. Anyway....loving that your heard plainly from the Lord.

  10. Oh this was good. I would say I have two. Prophesy and encouragement. Mostly prophetic though. It just happens.